31TCL Group intends to asset restructuring Huaxing Power by independent deep textile market|TCL Group intends to asset restructuring Huaxing Power by independent deep textile market3

TCL Group intends to asset restructuring Huaxing Power "by" independent deep textile market? Hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to the you make you take will always let you find each reporter Wu Shun after more than a month after the suspension, the evening of September 18th TCL group (000100, SZ) released the announcement said, intends to display its semiconductor business related assets restructuring, the main trading company of the major asset restructuring of the other including but not limited to the Shenzhen textile (000045, SZ). At the same time, Shenzhen textile announcement also revealed that the major asset restructuring program has not yet been finalized, may involve buying assets or other ways of issuing shares, the specific program is still in the process of demonstration, the scope of the underlying assets has not yet been finalized. It is worth noting that, since the end of 2015, TCL group in the capital market moves frequently. One is the end of December last year, TCL TCL and Proview international group to participate in the restructuring progress display technology, TCL display technology (00334, HK) will become the fourth H-share TCL holdings of listed companies; on the other hand, TCL communications (02618, HK) privatization resolution has been through the courts, is expected in September 30th this year delisting. Huaxing power is the 11 generation line of TCL group in 2016 semi annual report, Huaxing Power Semiconductor display panel is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales operations, the existing two 8.5 generation and 6 generation LCD panel production line, product line covers TV panel and mobile terminal panel. In the September 18th announcement, TCL Group intends to display its semiconductor business restructuring, which means Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaxing Power) are likely to go on the road of independent listing. Data show that, as a subsidiary of TCL group holding 75.67%, Huaxing Power of the registered capital of 18 billion 342 million yuan, the total assets amounted to 65 billion yuan, net assets of 25 billion yuan. In the first half of 2016, Huaxing Power to achieve sales revenue of 9 billion 80 million yuan, an increase of 11.2%, net profit of 559 million yuan, down 54.9%. At the end of August this year, Huaxing Power announced a big move: TCL group and Shenzhen Huaxing Power, the Commission by letter of three party plans in Shenzhen Guangming New District jointly invest in the construction of the eleventh generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display production line project, and the establishment of G11 item company, plans a total investment of about 46 billion 500 million yuan. Obviously, in the face of the huge investment, independent will be listed as Huaxing Power financing bring some convenience. At the same time, perhaps in order to Huaxing Power to the capital market to pave the way, the "daily economic news" reporter noted, announced after the construction of the 11 generation line in this year Huaxing Power, as a foreign capital Huaxing Power original shareholders Samsung display will hold its 8.1780% stake in the transfer to the Yangtze River in Hubei province Koushi Han wing equity investment fund partnership enterprise (limited partnership), on

85On foot easing is expected to boost gold supply and demand factors on crude oil|On foot easing is expected to boost gold supply and demand factors on crude oil9

On foot: loose gold is expected to boost crude oil supply and demand factors on the client to view the latest market on Monday, in a relatively weak market conditions, fed governor Brainard said in his speech by the labor market slack and overseas economic downside risks facing the impact, the Fed should adopt a gradual monetary policy. Renard is the Fed’s dovish figure, members before the Fed rate decision next week to arrange the sound has the right to vote, which indicates the significance greater than her speech content. Fed officials dovish speech on the dollar index formed a crackdown. The dollar index xianyanghouyi yesterday. The dollar index daily chart continues around the average system repeatedly crossing the middle of sideways unrest continues. Affected by the overall chaos in the dollar index, the volatility of non US currencies will continue. From the hourly chart trend, the dollar index Friday upward to 95.55 difficult high callback, the dollar index slope adjustment process in the short-term in less than 45 degrees, at the same time show repeatedly, is expected after the continuous adjustment of the dollar index is still up space. Short term support 94.75. On Monday, the Fed’s dovish stance weighed on the Fed’s September interest rate hike. This is also the formation of the international gold and silver trend support. Near the gold daily chart pullback to the average system to close out a long lower shadow with the further expansion of K line, limiting the gold mid callback space. After the continuous adjustment of gold in the middle after further expansion of space. From the hourly chart trend, gold broke through the 1330 resistance, short-term decline stage end. The kinetic energy from the direction of view, the last trading day gold hit a low of short-term support for oversold bounce, the current rebound momentum slight advantage, is expected to rebound in the short-term there is still some space. By the short-term rebound in the course of the impact of poor continuity, gold short-term unrest intensified. Short term support 1320. Silver daily chart repeatedly through the formation of the average system objective sideways direction. By the recent movement of silver in the process of alternating kinetic energy, the impact of the medium-term unrest continued. From the hourly chart trend, silver also broke through the average system suppression, the current objective of the direction of the conversion potential. The kinetic energy from the direction of view, a new low silver yesterday for support oversold bounce, the current rally around the high of 19.25 high, is expected to be adjusted after the continuous silver still further rebound. Short term support 18.70. Gold and silver are mid run in the adjustment of the pattern of shocks, short-term downward for support oversold bounce, the current rebound momentum was dominant, is expected within days of gold and silver is still room for a rebound. China today announced an increase of 8.1% in fixed assets in August, better than the market is expected to be the same period in, the same period of industrial production increased by 6.3%, better than market expectations of 6.2%. Retail sales also showed a slight rise, both in the field of consumption or investment growth is better than expected, so that China’s economic slowdown has gradually cooled concerns. The data also formed a certain support for the RMB trend. The dollar Renminbi daily chart continues the rhythm within the range in relying on the role of the average system under,.