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440 students enrolled in Colleges and universities continue to Malaysia China first overseas Campus – Beijing, the original title: 440 students have left for Malaysia admitted to a new agency China university first overseas campus in September 20 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) Chinese the first overseas Campus – Xiamen University (referred to as the "University") Malaysia branch the first batch of 20 students China, aboard Xiamen Airlines flight MF823, starting from Xiamen to study in Malaysia. Xiamen Malaysia branch staff Zhang Wenyu in Xiamen airport terminal departure hall in an interview with News Agency reporters said that this year, for the first time through the college entrance examination enrolls 440 students in 14 provinces of China, they will be from September 20th to 23, five batches of Xiamen Airlines flight ride to Malaysia, accompanied by 6 teachers accompanying. "There are so many students travel, Xiamen Airlines flight customization, really convenient for a lot." The first China Xiamen University Malaysia campus students in Malaysia, Xiamen Airlines to create a "perfect" tour theme customization flight. Xiamen Airlines said that the flight arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Xiamen Airlines Kuala Lumpur office to coordinate local immigration office opened the exclusive channel, and will be at the airport for the first batch of students held a welcome ceremony. From Henan to Anyang in a Wu Jiaru, ShaHang in the help of the staff quickly check. She told reporters that she had come for Xiamen Wallace of their favorite professional, because of poor scores a point, to obtain Xiamen Malaysia branch accounting professional. "This is a great professional, Xiamen" surprises for her. In the airport departure hall, Xiamen Airlines staff wearing chest in addition to the usual name cards, also a badge – the Xiamen University. Xiamen Airlines said, the staff are wearing Xiamen badge is ShaHang in Xiamen University Graduates work. At the check-in counter, they patiently set for luggage Shidishimei protective cover hanging Xiamen Airlines customized luggage; at the gate, their enthusiasm and students interaction, photo memories. Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader Chen Jiageng. It was the first university founded by overseas Chinese in the history of Chinese modern education. In 2012, the Xiamen University announced Malaysia to set up campuses, Xiamen University Malaysia campus started 2014. In 2015, the Malaysia branch of the school, the use of English teaching, the creation of information science and technology, marine and environmental, economic and management, Chinese language and culture and medicine five colleges. This is the first university in China to open overseas campuses. (end)相关的主题文章: