2016 Xiamen international fashion week will debut 木村kaela

The 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week beautiful "on stage" someone said, tonight is a starry night. Because, brewing for a long time in Xiamen fashion force, will once again focus on the stage of the Xiamen international fashion week conference. The long-awaited poised on the evening of 27, the 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week conference banquet upcoming grand opening, Xiamen municipal government leaders at home and abroad, the fashion industry, fashion industry, important guests on behalf of famous designers and nearly 40 media representatives of a total of more than 300 people will attend the conference. Xiamen international fashion week for carrying the sacred mission so beautiful Xiamen more connotation came into being, although the typhoon "Meranti" thousand block, still no effect, the 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week held a press release on the evening of 27 perfect. Fashion lineup highlights the fashion week, fashion lineup bright. For the first time landing site has always been the fashion place paragon, break the routine; and Australia Perth Fashion Festival DEDECATES cooperation, let Xiamen International Fashion Week conference for the first time in line with international standards; in addition, known as "graceful" features, the JORYA brand will be a big show finale debut; the face of typhoon two raid, Xiamen international fashion week will be held successfully Xiamen, is also to inspirational action, will show a smile to the "Meranti" Xiamen spirit. Activities open to pass this fashion week, the opening of the fashion week VIP pass, can focus on fashion week official website, participate in popular interaction to win the pass, and fashion intimate contact". Can pass sessions: 2016 Xiamen International Fashion Week Opening Ceremony of LOTI & AMOY ICON, the new city name card issued international cooperation China clothing industry fair, the 2016 Xiamen international fashion forum, Xiamen international fashion week, the AMAZING LOTI. star design fashion show, Xiamen famous brand and designer works published show, the 2016 Xiamen International fashion exhibition fashion, music, Xiamen International Fashion Festival, 3D printing 2016 Xiamen international fashion week closing concert. All the media in this fashion week conference, media lineup, including Tencent, NetEase, Sina video media platform three live video business, and Chinese daily, Fujian newspaper, Guangming Daily reporter stations in Xiamen, Economic Daily reporter stations in Xiamen, Xiamen daily (micro-blog), Haixi morning news interview Center (micro-blog) finance department, Xiamen daily (micro-blog) new media center, Xiamen evening news (micro-blog), Fujian branch of Xinhua news agency, Chinese daily, China business times, China News Agency, Southeast Express (micro-blog), Fujian daily, Strait Herald (micro-blog), Hongkong daily, Hongkong daily, China times, Pao Hongkong, Central People’s Xiamen radio program studio, people.com.cn, Xiamen (micro-blog), Tencent, Tencent are Damin Damin NetEase of Xiamen, Sina column, Xiamen, XM 6 bus mobile TV, radio and television media, radio and television group, Xinhua Fujian channel, Hongkong satellite TV, the voice of the Straits radio, Fujian tv. The media can not be published or on the spot can also visit the official website of the fashion week (), click on the media in the fashion section, into the line;相关的主题文章: