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Customers take the mall escalators legs were cut by two – 340 thousand units compensation Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yang Fenglin) Mr. Wu in a shopping mall in Fangshan District take the escalator, the escalator suddenly tilted plate deformation, leading to Mr. Wu legs cut, causing 9 disability. Later, Mr. Wu will be shopping malls, elevator maintenance unit and elevator production installation unit to be taken to court, the day before the court, shopping malls and elevator maintenance units to pay more than 34 yuan. Three accused each other on duty according to the plaintiff, Mr. Wu alleged that in the afternoon of May 23, 2015, he went to Fangshan District in a shopping mall, take the escalator from the three layer two layers when the lift plate suddenly tilted, slide, bending and deformation, which leads to the lower limbs were cut. 9 days after hospital treatment, Mr. Wu was discharged, and therefore lost a few months. After identification, Mr. Wu constituted a 9 disability. After the injury, Mr. Wu and the mall has not reached an agreement on compensation matters. Mr. Wu will huff, shopping malls, the production of elevator installation unit and elevator maintenance unit three units taken to court, asked three defendants to pay compensation payments, nursing fees, disability compensation, mental solatium total of 352791.6 yuan. The defendant argued that: the mall engaged in surveillance video can be seen in the cause of the accident is due to lead off the cover screw loose, although the mall owner of the elevator, but the elevator of the late maintenance are carried out by the other two defendants, so Wu compensation for petition of the two defendants bear by the other. The defendant argued that the elevator maintenance unit: the video shows, Mr. Wu injured before the escalator left cover by unidentified customer stamped, causing one end of the cover plate is raised after Mr. Wu passed because of the negligence of injury, Mr. Wu also bears some responsibility. In addition, the maintenance company signed the contract with the mall maintenance overhaul once every half a month or call the elevator maintenance, the market management is not in place, the appearance of defects and timely elevator outage or take other measures to ensure the safety of failed to find, also did not promptly notify the maintenance company for repair, therefore, advocated by Mr. Wu elevator maintenance company is liable for no factual and legal basis. The defendant argued that the elevator installation unit production: escalator from the door to the prominent plate up to 14 minutes of the time, the mall did not do to consumer safety and security obligations, should bear tort liability for the resulting damage to Mr. wu. There is no evidence of the escalator flawed: in this case, the court held that the defendant as the mall operators and managers of shopping customers have the necessary security obligations, in a long time protection plate is raised after the escalator, the shopping mall security managers failed to find the abnormal condition of the escalator and timely take safety protection measures, resulting in Mr. Wu suffered personal injury, therefore the defendant should be liable for the mall. The elevator maintenance unit in the maintenance process should strictly fulfill their obligations, to eliminate security risks and ensure the safe operation of the escalator, but maintenance units in the escalator daily maintenance has not found the security risks, resulting in the first wu.相关的主题文章: