The boys practice in Colleges and universities bizarre fall dead parents sued the school claims 650 捷安特xtc750

The boys practice in Colleges and universities bizarre fall dead parents sued the school claims 650 thousand original title: Boys bizarre fall dead parents sued a university JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) 19 year old secondary school students Chen Hengzi Shenzhen to Beijing to practice, but at the Capital Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the first normal university dormitory boys) a bizarre fall dead. Chen Heng’s parents to the first normal university not the obligation of safety management, to the first normal university claims more than 65 yuan. Yesterday afternoon, Haidian court hearing the case. The first National Normal University Chen is not arguing that the school students, schools should not be compensated. Family members: the school not security obligations of Chen Heng’s father claimed that Chen Heng was the first Shenzhen occupation technical school students, reading and mechatronics, originally in June this year after graduating from secondary school. In the afternoon of May 4th this year, Chen Heng in the first normal school, a boy’s apartment A floor, the east side of the door falling dead. The plaintiff believes that Chen Heng is inside the campus fall dead, CNU failed to fulfill security obligations, "the credit card machine into the dormitory is not running, no security ID 6 floor to the 7 floor of the staircase, the windows did not set up security measures," the plaintiff’s lawyer said the evidence of the corridor on one side of the dormitory window is nailed down, and Chen Heng climbing through the corridor windows, a direction from the lower floor corridor, the window also no fence, fence, staircase did not install monitoring." The plaintiff that the first normal university should be responsible for the death of Chen Heng, it petitioned the court to order the compensation for death compensation and funeral expenses totaling more than 65 yuan. School: non school students are Dutch act first normal lawyers argued that Chen Heng is not the school student, he is Dutch act, the school found a suicide note in the jumping position. The lawyer read out in court. "". The suicide note written on the back of Chen Heng "resume", the content is warning people to stay away from drugs:"…… As long as you take drugs, you will cheat anyone…… I think the drug addicts is a dead end." The defendant argued that Chen Heng fall dead that day is "54" Youth Festival ", there are 3 students heard his falling voice that afternoon, and quickly reported to the police, the police found Chen Heng backpack on the stairs at the 6 layer, which is also equipped with ID card, and the investigation that is not a criminal case, so the termination of the investigation." The lawyer said, Chen Heng fell dead at the window is not visible, under the window is provided with a radiator, Chen Heng is climbed up the radiator and jump out of the window, the window is warm ventilation facilities, the school has no fault in the aspect of safety management. In this regard, Chen Heng father is not recognized by the son’s "suicide note", and the judicial identification, Chen Heng also no drugs, "Chen Heng April 22nd internship in Beijing in April 23rd as a security guard in Fengtai District Environmental Protection Bureau, in May 1st 12 hours on the night shift, he said too tired, can not stand, say to leave in May 2nd looking for a job. Before the incident in the corridor, he also told a classmate after "no smoking"." Chen Heng’s father said he suspected Chen Heng is due to the first normal school to find a job, only bizarre death. But the idea was refuted by the first normal university, the first normal university’s security staff are on duty, he was carrying a backpack, a look at the students, not to apply for the first national normal university." Court 2相关的主题文章: