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The third party payment "96 charges": acquiring the compliance pattern of the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank welcome change China jointly issued "on the notice to improve credit card fee pricing mechanism of bank card" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), to more fully competitive acquiring link service fees, from the current government to guide as the market adjusted price, acquirers and merchants to negotiate the actual rate. The fee has been formally implemented since September 6th. As a unilateral, the third party payment agencies for the new regulations have to understand. Organic structure as this industry, the opportunity to change, there are institutions will not be able to adapt to the competition and face the exit". Acquirers welcome change pattern in fact, before the "96 charges", the long existed acquiring industry is already facing a strict supervision and elimination. For some irregularities, last month was their black August". The central bank issued a total of 8 tickets, which, part of the third party payment company fined more than ten million yuan. In addition, this should be carried out in May this year, the third party payment institutions "pay business license" shall be postponed to August. In August 12th and 29, including the Bank of Commerce, including remittance, payment through the first 27, the second batch of 12 third party payment agencies have access to license renewal. The rest of the organization is still in the trek. Even through the inspection mechanism, the license renewal period is five years. From the attitude of the central bank, acquirers will be "total control, structural optimization, quality improvement and orderly development", for a period of time in the central bank in principle will not set a new batch of institutions, and for existing institutions, the central bank’s focus is to guide and resolve the risk. Long term payment service does not actually carry out payment institutions will be canceled related business qualifications, cancellation of license. The existence of illegal behavior of Payment institutions, will be severely punished. Over the years the industry long-standing focus on sets of codes, cutting machine, credit card cash, apply channel etc.. The 96 fee change is based on this on the receipt of the industry once again stir". The original business is divided according to the type of fees charged by their class, and the fee is no longer sub files after the change, while also canceled the original wholesale class and other merchants fee cap mechanism. This adjustment, which means that by the sub arbitrage arbitrage space to get the code and other acts, as well as the completion of the credit card cash cap mechanism, the future will be significantly reduced. Previously, the industry is in fact a vicious circle. On the one hand, a large area of the irregularities caused by the overall industry profit margins decline; on the other hand, the profit is bad, the more we need to expand the market for the amount of the premium, eager for quick success, more and more rampant violations. This led to the industry almost into the bad money to expel good money pattern, no violation or less violations but lost the market. A senior researcher at the Institute of finance Xue Hongyan said Suning, charges for acquiring link service fees regulated by the market, acquiring part of market competition will be more intense, although short-term impact, but in the long run is good. Zhang Chen, deputy general manager of Shanghai paid through information services Co., Ltd. to accept the first financial daily.相关的主题文章: