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Behind the BAT "changeable", and relying on what confidence? In modern business, people are always trying to get rid of the uncertainty, so that the business can remain relatively stable. From the business perspective, the Internet customers can be listed as super reliable and difficult to meet their needs: IT every year or even a month, to the requirements of IT system and all kinds of innovative business, said immediately to the time, the deployment of the IT system and even harsh to the hourly…… These IT demand sounds like a fancy abuse to the device provider. But it is by virtue of a race against time to grasp the needs of users and innovation, to make the Internet application Chinese walk at the forefront of the world, but also the IT equipment providers and service provides a more brutal test. Internet Co application needs varied, but also to allow more and more Internet customers IT infrastructure construction needs. According to IDC data show that in 2015 China’s Internet industry servers were the first wave, HUAWEI, Lenovo and DELL, which accounted for only four and up to 77%. Four manufacturers, local manufacturers accounted for as many as three, only a foreign manufacturer. Why local manufacturers in the Internet industry market advantage so big? The reason is that local manufacturers have been customized, demand response speed and service providers to do ahead of foreign manufacturers, Internet customers just very much value these factors. As the first domestic Internet industry server market share of the first wave, the wave in September 19th in the country officially exposed for Internet customers to create a new cabinet SR4.5. What can capture wave of Internet customers fickle heart? BAT in the form of business and business scope of the wayward development behind what is the key factor in doing solid support and rely on? BAT business pattern and scope changes, the core key requirements for IT construction is the Internet speed 2016 Baidu World Conference on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, Baidu will put on a new strategic level, this is before Baidu had to focus its resources to create the connection between man and services direct number, Baidu finance, obviously there is a huge difference in the traffic characteristics and IT system construction requirements, not to mention earlier mobile distribution business, Baidu has evolved into a 360 line in the connector between the business of a Tencent; in addition to the game and social, in the new field of Internet banking, electricity providers are also widely layout, you can now say social and game is the Tencent’s main business, if you look carefully you will find the Tencent’s earnings, line of business has been throughout all segments; in addition to the electricity supplier Ali In the new field, LBS, finance, logistics, pictures also have new progress, Ali has become a DT ecological economy shape. China Internet giants battle, the business has become a zigzag trend, but also in the new air race is fight for every inch of land. WeChat has red by surprise, quickly in the field of mobile payment firm, in my opinion, China Mobile Internet field now the competition is more rapid way to combat airborne surprise and special forces, a little longer.相关的主题文章: