The man found ex-wife and others had to ask for 950 thousand female divorce (video) sql server 2000 个人版

The man discovered his ex-wife and others had female desire to discuss 950 thousand divorce "ex-wife years before the birth of a daughter and others," this amazing "discovery" prompted the man Wang Wei was divorced again to fight a lawsuit, 950 thousand yuan for divorce when they return. This note, Qiaokou District Court of first instance finds that the evidence provided by Wang Wei is not established, the judgment dismissed the claims. Wang Wei claimed that he and the woman Li Juan met in 2006, after the marriage in 2007, the next year, a child. In October 2014, two people divorce because of emotional differences. Signed a divorce agreement, he took into account the son and Li Juan live together, then make concessions in the partition of the deposit, the deposit will be due to 1 million 150 thousand yuan in the gift of $950 thousand to Li Juan, he had only $200 thousand. "Thinking with ya ex-wife alone is not easy, divorce I points her 950 thousand yuan, but she deceived me." Wang Wei said, shortly after the divorce, accidentally learned that Li Juan and his marriage before, already in his hometown and other men live together and give birth to a woman, now over 18 years old. "Li Juan and others intentionally hide their children for years, so I think Li Juan is unmarried woman, with my family is the first child, to give up on the custody of his son and then made a great concession deposit split, Li Juan conceal acts constitute fraud to me." In February 2015, Wang Wei Li Juan court, requesting an order to change the two sides signed some of the issues of marital property in the divorce agreement, and sentenced Li Juan to return him 950 thousand yuan deposit, Li Juan said that in March 1997, the birth of a daughter and others. However, according to the court found that in March 1997, Li Juan did not have children. In June 2008, Li Juan gave birth to a son when told the hospital, the production is the first tire. Wang Wei’s claim is not valid. At the same time, the court also found that in October 2014, due to the ambiguous relationship between Wang Wei and other heterosexual, and the dispute between the emergence of the dispute with the president of Li Juan. On the 23 morning, the two sides dispute. In the morning Wang Wei went to print shop to print the divorce agreement, the two sides hold the agreement to the civil affairs department for divorce registration procedures. In April 2015, Wang Wei married another woman. The court held that the agreement of both men and women within one year after the divorce issue back on the property division, requesting the modification or rescission of the agreement on the partitioning of property, the people’s court shall accept. After the people’s court heard the case, there is no fraud, coercion and other circumstances found in the property division agreement, the parties should be dismissed in accordance with the law. The trial of Wang Wei the evidence, can not prove that the two sides signed the divorce agreement when Li Juan of fraud or coercion to Wang Wei, so Wang Wei requested a change in the divorce agreement marital property treatment for the return of 950 thousand yuan deposit claims, not support, then dismissed Wang Wei’s lawsuit request. (the parties are a pseudonym) man in 4 million 600 thousand without telling his wife divorce second days to lottery相关的主题文章: