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Winter health knowledge: the benefits of exercise have a knack for winter run [Abstract] after the beginning of winter solar term after started to enter the winter time. Although the winter has begun to gradually cold, but running in winter is still a lot of people choose one. Winter running benefits, but should pay attention to some matters. After the beginning of winter, the temperature is more and more low, many people prefer to exercise indoors. Weather conditions and air quality in the appropriate circumstances, adhere to outdoor running great benefit. The benefits of cold winter outdoor environment will continue to stimulate the human body, so that muscles, blood vessels continue to shrink, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, improve the body’s cold resistance. Most people are accustomed to "cat winter", monotonous hot environment will affect the excitability of the cerebral cortex, so that the body of the external temperature insensitive. And the amount of outdoor exercise can continue to stimulate the body and the brain, so that we are no longer numb". On working through running to lose weight in the crowd, although winter running after sweating looks as good as the summer, but the effect is inferior and fat. Because people in the cold environment, the metabolism will become faster, the body does not exercise when the heat consumption will increase, which is running in winter has a better effect of fat burning reasons. Morning run is not too early to run long term, especially in winter. It’s cold in the morning, you can run in the afternoon or in the evening." Huang Guangmin suggested that if the morning run is best not as early as 6 points. Because in this period of time the human body in a low tide, especially those with high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can not afford to go out so far to run, but the morning of the morning run to run the exception of friends. Winter running warm-up is very important, it is recommended to jog. After about five minutes of jogging, full stretch, ankle and knee joints should be performed to improve muscle temperature and flexibility. Huang Guangmin, running to the nose, with the cold warm air into your body. Exhale to nose and mouth at the same time, generally three step rhythm It differs from man to man., a breath or three step half breath is appropriate, suffering from rhinitis runners can wear masks. Winter often dry climate, timely replenishment significant. When running, it is recommended to add warm water in time, in order to avoid the water when the water is choking. It is important to wind cold winter running need warm, wore the best is good air permeability clothes, a middle layer of warm. The inner layer can be wearing a fleece, the outermost layer do windproof, recommended personal wearing special running tights, best not to wear cotton clothes, don’t sweat sweat, the wind blows is very cold. The pants are also recommended tight pants, gloves, hats, winter running earmuffs can. Rain and snow weather to wear non slip shoes. Whether morning run or night run, everyone should wear a bright colored clothes or reflective clothing, to remind drivers to pay attention to. At the same time, according to the clothes, the temperature increase or decrease after exercise, if sweating should be promptly wiped away sweat, sweat for sports apparel, footwear, and dressing, prevent heat loss. Don’t stay in the air of the place, so as to avoid colds. Remind, winter is best not to run shirtless, while sweating, can take off his coat, but was sweating, cold wind blowing, the body will produce a violent相关的主题文章: