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Five new mothers postpartum pain relief, so! Sohu baby born out of the baby is over? Experienced mother said too naive! The children are just the beginning, behind more challenges still, several of these new mothers postpartum to face the pain, you know how to resolve? A knife, painful Caesarean mothers may have some difficulties in wound recovery, the main component of knife scar tissue is collagen fibers and collagen fibers after a period of time will be decomposed and absorbed, so that the scar tissue softened, small pain will reduce or disappear. But some mother’s physical scars, the scar will form an irregular mass in the recovery, healing after pressing there will be pain, this situation should promptly consult a doctor, can be under the guidance of a doctor with some medicine to ease the discomfort. The mother had to go through a lot of perineal incision is small, but the recovery, there will be some pain, note that if severe pain within 24 hours postpartum wound, anus fall up, to the doctor in time to confirm whether there is wound around the hematoma, wound care note every day near the water to clean the wound. The toilet after cleaning the vulva, keep the wound dry, prevent infection. Two, breast pain most new mothers have experienced the pain of rising milk, breast feeling rose up, even the pain induration, will spread to the armpit. This is because the role of estrogen in the pregnancy, the breast began to proliferate, the level of placental prolactin levels, ready for postpartum lactation. A large number of milk secretion is generally in the postpartum 2 ~ 3 days, then there will be obvious breast pain, 7 days postpartum milk unobstructed, the pain will be alleviated. New mothers to early to open milk, early lactation, the breast milk is discharged as soon as possible to clear the tube as soon as possible, let the baby milk; try to suck air, if the baby milk amount is too small, you can hand or pump the milk squeezed out; before breastfeeding, with a hot towel in the breast, with a simple massage to promote milk. If breast pain or severe redness, swelling, heat, pain, promptly to the hospital. Three, many mothers brought postpartum lumbago lumbago is described as if broken, this is because pregnant mothers in the abdomen gradually forward, center forward, waist muscle tension increases. Postpartum, focus back to pre pregnancy condition, but the joints and ligaments but still in a period of time in a relaxed state. If the mother of posture while breastfeeding is not correct, or long time holding a little baby, will make the waist muscle tension, increase the fatigue of lumbar muscles. To alleviate this pain, you can rest in the waist to the waist after a pillow, to avoid a long time with a position of breast-feeding, each time the baby is not too long. In addition to the appropriate activity waist joint, while ensuring adequate calcium intake during the month. Four, the finger and wrist pain "mother hand" is very common in the population, because postpartum endocrine changes, hand muscle and tendon strength and elasticity decreased to different extent, near the joint capsule and articular ligament tension decreases, which leads to decrease of relaxation and the joint function of the. Some mothers because of too early, too much housework or flow相关的主题文章: