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Wenzhou yesterday ushered in the frost 28.4 DEG C to wear short sleeved ice cream yesterday morning in Oujiang River Road, riding public autumn clothing, is a touch of bright color under cloudy sky. Yesterday is the "frost", last autumn a solar term. You see, the North has to wear long johns snow over winter, Hangzhou is also in the weather forecast said that after a few days the temperature will drop to 6 DEG C. While walking in the streets of Wenzhou five, wearing short sleeved T-shirt who meet the eye everywhere to buy ice cream. Wenzhou meteorological observatory said yesterday, the city’s highest temperature of 28.4 degrees, today is expected to be 26 degrees centigrade. Don’t fall winter? Oh, that’s just another "frost", I can only count the current name in early autumn". 389 days ago, the reporter said from the meteorological observatory that the average temperature in the past week was below 22 degrees Celsius and above 20 degrees celsius. Although not low, but in fact, the city has started autumn mode, early morning and evening have some cool, but the afternoon is warm. Wenzhou proverb "spring 389 disorderly dress", is said to be such a scene. In March and the eight and September lunar calendar, the streets are full of "mess" dressing people: wearing long sleeves and putting on coats, short sleeves, short skirts, shorts, but no matter what kind of wear, looks and now the weather seems to be very harmonious. This week the minimum temperature of 19 degrees, the highest 29 degrees, according to the Wenzhou meteorological observatory forecast, the next week, the city will be cloudy weather, daytime temperature is still the "two prefix", at 20~29 degrees centigrade. But on Saturday, the evening of October 29th, it may be affected by a weak cold air, the temperature will drop slightly, but there will be no sudden cooling phenomenon. But when you get out early, it’s safer to wear a coat. This week, our city with an invigorating autumn climate weather, except Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, local showers are expected, the overall good weather, be neither hot nor cold for one year, the most comfortable time body temperature; humidity is not great, it is a good time to work and exercise. Frost chrysanthemum yellow rice is relatively "frost" arrival, means that many areas of northern China in the late autumn to winter. The weather is getting cold, frost is the first frost of italy. Meteorology, general of the first frost appeared in autumn is called "early frost" or "cream", also has the "frost" called "chrysanthemum cream" (because the chrysanthemum in full bloom). At the same time, China’s the Yellow River basin has appeared frost, but the southerly latitude of the southern region, the average temperature is 16 degrees Celsius; this season in Wenzhou rice has turned yellow, but from the first frost date and the three or four solar term. In Wenzhou, the "frost" although no frost, but the temperature difference of day change greatly, for the elderly, children, weak people, sooner or later have to add clothing. The weather forecast is cloudy on Monday October 24th, cloudy at 19~28.5 on Tuesday, cloudy at 22~28 on Wednesday, cloudy at 22~29.0 on October 27th, and reference for reference only on Thursday, 19~27. Citizens can call 96121 or log in Wenzhou meteorological network to understand the latest weather forecast information.

昨天迎来霜降 温州28.4℃穿短袖吃冰淇淋昨天上午市区瓯江路,骑车市民的秋衣,是多云天空下一抹亮丽色彩。昨天是“霜降”,秋天最后一个节气。你看,北方已穿秋裤下雪过冬天了,杭州也在天气预报中说,过几天气温将跌至6℃。而走在温州五马街头,穿短袖T恤买冰淇淋的人比比皆是。温州气象台称,昨天我市最高气温28.4℃,今天预计在26℃。别秋入冬?呵呵,那只是别人家的“霜降”,我伲目前最多只能算“初秋”。俗语 春三八九乱穿衣记者昨天从气象台获悉,过去一周,我市日平均气温基本在22℃以下、20℃以上。虽然不算低,但事实上我市已启动秋天模式,清晨和傍晚已有些许凉意,午后却又暖意融融。温州俗语“春三八九乱穿衣”,说的就是这样的情景。农历三月和农历八、九月,街上到处是“乱”穿衣的人:有穿长袖再穿上外套的,有短袖、短裙、短裤的,但不管哪种穿法,看上去和现在的天气貌似都很和谐。本周 最低气温19℃,最高29℃据温州气象台预报,接下来的一周我市天气将以多云为主,白天气温依旧是“二字头”,在20~29℃。不过在周六,也就是10月29日晚上,可能会受一股弱冷空气影响,气温将稍降,但基本不会出现骤然大降温现象。不过,到时早起出门,披件外套是比较保险的。这一周,我市以秋高气爽天气为主,除周一、周二、周五、周六局地可能有阵雨外,总体天气不错,不冷不热,进入一年中体感温度最舒适的时光;湿度也不会很大,正是登高望远、锻炼身体的好时机。霜降 菊花稻谷相对黄“霜降”的到来,意味着我国北方许多地区步入秋末,即将入冬。霜降即天气渐冷、初霜出现之意。气象学上,一般把秋季出现的第一次霜叫做“早霜”或“初霜”,也有把“早霜”叫“菊花霜”(因为此时菊花盛开)。而此时,我国黄河流域已出现白霜,但纬度偏南的南方地区,平均气温还在16℃左右;这个季节温州地区的稻谷已转黄,不过离初霜日期还有三四个节气。在温州,“霜降”虽然无霜,但一天中温差变化较大,对于老人、孩子、身体比较虚弱的人,早晚要添加衣物。 ]天气预报10月24日 周一 多云19~27℃10月25日 周二 多云19~28.5℃10月26日 周三 多云22~28℃10月27日 周四 多云22~29.0℃预报仅供参考。市民可拨打96121或登录温州气象网了解最新天气预报信息。相关的主题文章: