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A girl is born life (Photos) the Eiffel married in a lot of girls dream, but not everyone has married life, so that you know what kind of girls can get married, or is itself extravagance, rely on their own also can have a very good life. The Ivy ear teacher will tell you, what is life for girls is a lady! A smooth, smooth Yintang Yintang Yintang is the midpoint between the two eyebrows and forehead, the surface must be smooth without hair of yintang. The lady Yintang in 2-3 refers to the width of the distance is too short to worry about winding. Just finish, the appropriate distance, and there is no Zamao link for a phase glabellum. Round two, round knife fields like chin DIGE although women are more beautiful, but not as good as the lady rounded chin phase. A good chin should be rounded without edges, full of moderate, there is a slight double chin is a rich family of symbols, with such a girl is very easy to meet the family of a wealthy boy as a spouse. Three thin waist and shoulder, waist and shoulder width of the girls have fine measure, inclusive, and slim waist, said very gentle personality, can Killing with Kindness, this body of the girl most likely to get blood masculine, strong devotion to the man love, at the same time is also very high probability promotion lady. The tall four, Yamane tall general, tall nose began from the middle position of the two words represent the girl’s family is good, high nose is very prosperous, which in turn of his fortune, can also play a role in fueling the life have no worries about food and clothing, meat head it is more representative of a VIP transport, is the symbol of the rich. Pick eyebrow, eye head, eyes pick five slender, eye head slender eyebrows and eyes slightly on the pick of the girls more to help her husband, and their long hair growth without the inverse of girls, quiet atmosphere, will quietly support her husband’s career, eye head slender girls represent wealth prosperity, wealth belongs to the eye shape so, this girl became a lady’s index is also high.相关的主题文章: