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"Ambush" lift from the road ahead no ratings climax "dynamite" – Sohu Li Zefeng entertainment minefield "dynamite" title is not responsible for the risk of Sohu produced by the entertainment news, cool media Xu Jia, Liu Tingyu, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong, Jia Zongchao, Li Zefeng starred in the tribute Spy Drama "ambush" is 19:30 per night in Guizhou satellite tv. In yesterday’s episode, Li Zefeng played a "explosive", a cynical surface, heart is the man with good faith, virtue and patriotism under Japanese, heroic sacrifice gas bomb. Since the launch of this popular "explosive" sacrifice, immediately set off a round of ratings climax, and triggered a heated debate audience. In front of the family of the "little man" national "man" is a pair of Di Yao played with explosives, sworn in Japanese army posture, but also because of his gallant Tiexue, won the title of "bomb". Since then he followed Shi Yongkai (Xu Jiashi) in the southern part of the country, to fight against the japanese. But he is a thinking of themselves, a family room of the "little man", for the money, he can sell arms and supplies, who do not know him with the money is to save by a robber abducted his wife and children; for his righteousness, in the fight against the Japanese comrades after hearing the sacrifice, he risked his life shipped, originally prepared for the change of drug supplies to Army soldiers; he was forced to luocaoweikou, but still heart of the state, would rather die than do the Japanese running dogs, the ultimate sacrifice under the gas bomb to be brutal and inhuman. The main theme of the "true nature" as a tribute to the 95 anniversary of the founding of the masterwork, "ambush" did not become the main melody of empty praise and abandonment of the drama, but in the plot, making all full of sincerity. Especially the figures, broke the main theme of the previous figures face, one-sided drawbacks, the protagonist is no longer only for his "paper", but a true to life, plump and three-dimensional image. The main characters in "ambush", Zhao Lanhui (Tang Xishi and Shi Yongkai) although the identity of opposites, but her affection is the genuine goods at a fair price actor (Liu Tingyu); Yuan Yuting just came out whether on the battlefield or underground work are slightly tender, but after several battles with the enemy and confrontation, the rapidly growing trend, mature; as architects, engineers and high intellectual Hanqian Shaw (Tian Zhong ornaments), especially in the filial piety and loyal to the country between the repeated struggle; and the audience favorite man though he is explosive, impulsive, philistine and cynical, but also loyalty, bravery, willing to sacrifice his own life for the country. Without explosives Shi Yongkai, in the ambush on the road, which will be hindered? With the underground identity was gradually lifted, they will also face what crisis? Night 19:30, lock Guizhou TV, how do the "ambush" tight encirclement.相关的主题文章: