Apple CEO Cook VR and Ar are cool ar more potential

Apple CEO Cook: VR and AR are cool AR more potential Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 14th evening news, Apple Corp (hereinafter referred to as the "apple") CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) said in an interview with ABC News today, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are cool, but Apple may choose AR business development. Cook said: AR and VR is currently the two most popular technologies, these two technologies are very interesting. But personally, I think, at least for now, AR has more potential." Cook also briefly explained the difference between the two technologies in the interview, said AR more social, and VR is mainly focused on creating immersive experience, but this experience is difficult to share with others. In contrast, Cook is more optimistic about the commercial potential of AR, but Cook did not rule out the possibility of Apple’s future development of VR. He said: "VR has a lot of advantages in terms of games and education, and we are still interested in it." Previously, Cook also mentioned the long-term development potential of AR. He said: "AR is really great, we will continue to invest heavily in the field. From a long-term perspective, we have confidence in the future of AR." (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: