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Austria – Sohu and coo Hof dessert first a nagging, skip do not look to see the back of the tutorial. Recent work arrangements are very full, but the heart is faint feel a bit awkward, did not seem so happy. Until you see the words: good time is to be wasted. I know where the problem is. In this age, we are busy, at least from the circle of friends to see is this. Too busy to be a particularly meaningful, if the others are busy busy working overtime time, you can do some meaningless things in Lanlansansan, that was a handful of nonstriving. In my circle of friends, there are a lot of workaholic and girl, not in place to participate in the forum seminar today is tomorrow, fly to another city to attend the activities. They played chicken, a random state in fine fig, it can be used as edible chicken soup inspirational. Often at this time, I will be ashamed for my laziness, and spare no effort to catch up. However, when I have gradually become the envy of others, but found behind the aura of the original also has a large shadow, not all beautiful. It is because time is limited, so every thing on the agenda to have meaning and purpose, if not, it is a waste of time. However, in addition to the cost of living for those who have to do the work, the majority of people should not be pursued, the physical and mental pleasure? If a person is very fond of working overtime, there is no time to accompany the family, his "no time" have a sense of superiority, it can only show that he is sick. You know, work is not done, the cause will be bigger day by day. If these things really was kidnapped all the time and effort, will never be able to get out. So busy every day and said the people, I love those more leisurely life arrangements, in addition to the work of mining but also other interesting thing, even if she don’t make much money, live in the little house. Some girl, doing the design work need to work overtime, but also did not forget to spare time with their original design, as long as the next to leave, you will go to other city travel to see the exhibition around the store. Some elder sister, do high strength sales work, but her love to drink coffee, as long as you can spare the time, will go to those old street in the cafe do spend an afternoon time. The work hard, the idle when completely lazy down into useless, do not look for what happened. Busy graduation, busy work, busy making money, busy taking care of the children, everyone is such a cycle. As a public number of dogs, so it is with me every day, busy, busy writing tutorials, busy organizing activities, busy busy evaluation, when some of the night to update the content of the day to end. So long, I will not be happy, just like this time. What a busy life can not worth showing off, but is idle time, as I expect things.相关的主题文章: