Autumn busy season, 1 people injured in agricultural machinery, the toes of the right hand twist of 9c8921

Busy autumn season agricultural wounding 1 toes twisted off 1 right hand injury life newspaper news October 8th "eleven" golden week of busy autumn season, 5 and 6, there were two agricultural injuries, one of the injured was 10 years old. 5, 18 PM, in the street soliciting Harbin taxi housekeeper’s brother Wang Maoguo love team received a help message, said a Daqing dragon village 10 year old girl Xiao Xin, the left toe is involved in agricultural tractor belt caused by toe fracture, need to ha treatment. After that, Wang Maoguo first time to contact the families of the patients, and rushed to the intersection of Songbei high-speed welcome. "The little girl was badly hurt, the gauze was full of blood, and the bones were exposed." At 18:45, Wang Maoguo took the patients and their families at Harbin five. 6, 15 pm, Harbin taxi housekeeper, Sun Degang’s brother Qi Feng love team received a help message, said the Jiamusi man Lu Peng Yun in operation of corn machine right hand was twisted, bleeding, need to ha treatment. Two brother rushed to the high-speed road: "injured more than and 40, we received him, his right hand wrapped in seven or eight layers of gauze are soaked with blood, people have to shock." Currently, two injured in stable condition, is recovering. (Jiang Hui)相关的主题文章: