Baidu then a heavy punishment the highest decision-making committee vice president Li Mingyuan to re

Baidu then a heavy punishment the highest decision-making committee vice president Li Mingyuan resigned Li Mingyuan Sina Francisco November 4th evening news, Sina said Baidu was informed that today for full internal briefing, vice president, members of the E-staff Li Mingyuan in the acquisition of huge private profit, against Baidu’s occupation moral regulations, approved the resignation. Sina science and technology for the first time to call Baidu, the other said: This is a personal reason for the company’s internal notification, the Ministry of public relations will not respond to Li Mingyuan. Baidu said in the announcement, Li Mingyuan, 1) in a company participating in the acquisition of the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges; 2) in the management of the business scope, the person in charge of cooperation with a partner has a huge game private economic exchanges; 3) Business Association Li Ming far personal equity investment outside company and Baidu, according to the company filing system. Because Li Mingyuan take the initiative to admit, Baidu approved the resignation. The Baidu Inc internal mail in fact, as early as August of this year, Baidu came Li Mingyuan’s outgoing message, but after the Baidu’s youngest vice president in the September 1st 2016 Baidu World Conference, but did not participate in any link, seating also arranged in Robin Li’s distant place. On the departure, Sina technology had previously contacted the phone call and text Li Mingyuan himself, but he did not make any explanation. However, from the notification, Li Mingyuan won the "forgiveness" at the top of Baidu, a huge amount of money involved in the case, Li Mingyuan has not been transferred to the judicial organs, but also the letter was called "Ming Yuan", known as "the visible Baidu Baidu Prince" said the vice president to take care of. To be clear, this is the second time Li Mingyuan officially off from Baidu: in August 2010, Baidu had left to join UC excellent view, followed by a return to Baidu in November 2011. Li Mingyuan left on Baidu, but also in April 2014 there was a rumor that the argument was that the youngest vice president of Baidu is about to join the Jingdong, but was finally retained by the internal down. Li Mingyuan was born in 1983, 2004 to intern joined Baidu in 2013, was promoted to vice president of Baidu, a year after the promotion as a E-Staff member, vice president of Baidu’s youngest, Baidu is the youngest member of the committee’s decision, Robin Li’s "young Baidu self management training up", even in rivers and lakes in the "Baidu Prince" said. Li Mingyuan was vice president of Baidu’s most promising, but the situation in April 2016, the wind is changing, and in April, Baidu also announced the vice president, another heavy punishment — Baidu promotion of Baidu Zhan father was dismissed, the same reason is illegal occupation moral. It is worth mentioning that, Wang Zhan was expelled with major mergers and acquisitions and game business management is closely related. However, from the point of view of public adjustment, Li Mingyuan himself in Baidu’s internal status is also a step by step in the decline. In April 13, 2016, Baidu conducted a recent group meeting相关的主题文章: