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Becomes "blind" when it gets dark? We talk about the night UAV obstacle avoidance – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark no obstacle avoidance from a news about human. Recently, has been rooted in the UAV in the agricultural application of polar fly technology has a new action, they released "XCope" Tianmu UAV vision system (XAIRCRAFT XCope UAV Vision System). This system combines binocular obstacle avoidance and terrain vision module, UAV has the ability to make protection to perceive the environment, to further enhance the efficiency and safety of it. Technical parameters: we found a very interesting point is that it can achieve the night obstacle avoidance, why is this fun? Because if you have a big river, it is possible to avoid the eyes of the night in the "blind", and not only at night, is said to be less than 300 lux light will turn off. So of course, Xinjiang is not recommended you at night playing the UAV to do some "adventures" want to do things, can only rely on their own technology. But considering the Inspire 2 can customize the 4G communication function, remote control aircraft such black technology, so if at night we avoid obstacles, hackers and geeks and fun things to do. So let’s talk about "night avoidance.". & active near infrared radiation technology? Fly at night do polar obstacle avoidance is because most of their plant protection operation at night. In fact, they realize the principle of night obstacle avoidance is not complicated. Said the first obstacle avoidance principle, moving obstacle avoidance is binocular obstacle avoidance, it uses two "eyes" of the imaging device to obtain the two images of the measured object, the 3D information is gotten by calculating the position deviation between the corresponding point of the image, including the distance between the object and the camera and the object distance etc.. Is based on the principle of parallax, is an important form of computer vision, which is similar to the principle of human perception of three-dimensional information. Refer to the picture below. The obstacle avoidance at night is the use of the active near infrared radiation technology, in simple terms is to add a special flashlight and the transformation of the "eye". The night of the "eyes" almost invisible (like the existing large Xinjiang products, and the fly) binocular is composed of two black and white lens, the 380-1080nm band can imaging, which means not only can "see" the visible light, can see the human eye can see the red line. (the middle strip mounted on both sides of the launch, receiving the opportunity to take the initiative to launch unmanned) near infrared light, infrared light is an electromagnetic wave between visible light and infrared light, although the human eye can not see, but can be used as a night light, binocular each shot can receive feedback in the infrared, through binocular after the calculation of (the same day and Computing) can "see" to the environment and the obstacles. And the distance between the obstacle avoidance and the daytime did not change, are 30 meters (angle: level FOV, 65)相关的主题文章: