Beijing 80% travel contract dispute for overseas travel cheap group disputes accounted for minmi

Beijing 80% travel contract disputes for overseas travel group disputes accounted for a large proportion of yesterday morning, the second city hospital held a press conference to inform the case of travel contract disputes in recent years. Data show that the travel contract disputes mostly due to low fares, 80% outbound travel disputes. The judge suggested that tourists do not participate in the tour group plans to choose cheap cheap travel agents, the contract must be carefully review the provisions, to avoid unnecessary disputes. > > bulletin is cheap fare showmanship means second city hospital from 2013 to August 2016 has concluded the travel contract disputes 42, of which 70% cases of prosecution for tourists travel agency. Two people tribunal Wang Ping introduced, travel contract disputes second intermediate people’s court heard in recent years, over 50 tourists accounted for 64.3%. In addition, outbound travel accounted for 80%. Tourism disputes mainly focus on shopping, personal injury, tour guides, accommodation, travel visa, change the itinerary, transfer group, the 8 aspects of contract fraud. The forced shopping problems, problems, problems of tour guide at their own expense, are due to low fares. The second city court judge introduced tourism operators tend to attract tourists to low-cost group, and then arrange shopping or other paid tourism projects to get kickbacks and other improper interests. Some tourists in the "cheap" mentality, that is cheaper to participate in low-cost tour, resulting in the gap between expectations and reality is too large, resulting in disputes. Miyun court judge said that some tourists do not pay attention to study tour operator qualification, and pay too much attention to consider the tour price, freely offered, not signed a written contract or do not pay attention to the review of tourism tourism contract signed in the process of tourism, and hurried to the fixed evidence, after the end of the tour thrown away the relevant documents, led to the subsequent rights into the predicament. > > APP sign to look terms is a choice of tour operator to operator qualification audit. As far as possible to choose a brand, there are well-known, good reputation of travel agencies, do not want to choose cheap cheap group led to suffer losses. If there is any violation of the tour operators, tourists should promptly report to the tourism, industry and commerce, price, transportation, health and other departments. Two is to sign the contract, we must carefully review the terms of the contract. Especially for some of the rights and obligations of the provisions of the agreement is not clear, the tourists and tourism operators to supplement the agreement by way of clear, to prevent unnecessary disputes. Tourists directly through the APP contract, easy to ignore the provisions of the situation, we must pay more attention to. Three is to travel before, to be fully prepared. Travel to a strange environment from a familiar environment, before signing the contract and before the trip, tourists must know about tourist destination in the political environment, law, religion, culture, customs, fully prepared, in case the expected and real existence deviation causes the dispute. Four travel process, to improve safety awareness. The protection of the rights and interests of tourists, the need for government, tourism operators and other aspects of protection, but also need to protect the rights of tourists, self-protection awareness of the gradual improvement. Tourists as adults, with good相关的主题文章: