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Cao Yunjin Guo Degang responded: satirical Guo Degang I have on hand when Cao Yunjin Guo Degang turned   Entertainment – Sohu; (source: China Youth Network) August 30th China youth network reported, Guo Degang drying out the latest Deyunshe genealogy, which he had two disciples He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin is not in the column, was officially removed. The afternoon of September 5th, when Cao Yunjin published a long article on micro-blog, listing since 2002, and his master Guo Degang’s 14 years of resentment, and said it is time to be settled, and in the long past insider exposure. In this regard, Guo Degang did not make too much response, but the broker said "do not want to Cao Yunjin and I sentence you yell" September 8th, Cao attended the live activities of a certain brand, Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang satire. During the live broadcast, there are a lot of friends leave a message to let him talk to Guo Degang, Cao Yunjin responded: Oh, I really want to hear gossip!" Then there are friends that want to worship Cao Yunjin as a teacher, he replied: "you want to worship me as a teacher? I don’t have a master!" And when asked "will collect fees apprentice", Cao Yunjin is even more like meaningly laughing: "I never charge, I am rich, nouveau riche will not be charged!" Asked whether collecting fees apprentice seems to be referring to that never charge, suspected innuendo Guo Degang. Cao Yunjin said not to hype for 15 years. I hope so far.相关的主题文章: