Capital embarrassing Google security team found Apple OS and IOS core part of the system vulnerabili luonv

Capital embarrassing Google security team found apple OS and iOS system vulnerabilities Tencent Francisco October 30th, Google (micro-blog) secret security team "internal Project Zero" recently in the kernel in Apple’s OSX system and found some bugs, it is now Apple’s mobile operating system iOS, this vulnerability can let hackers carry out the root level privilege escalation, to launch attacks on OS systems that are not updated. Google’s Project Zero called the company’s internal super hacker team, founded two years ago, the team’s mission is to find, track and repair global software security vulnerabilities. In fact, as early as June of this year, the Project Zero team members Ian · Baer (Ian Beer) after it has been above will be informed about the vulnerability of apple, the apple, a grace period of 60 days, in order to solve these problems before the public. Google initially rejected the request, but eventually agreed to disclose the date of these vulnerabilities until September 21st. However, apple in the above period before the patch used to fix these vulnerabilities have not been able to succeed, the results exceeded the agreed date of disclosure, however, Microsoft has extended the grace period for apple. In fact, today, Apple has received nearly 5 month grace period, of course, Apple has now solved this problem — in the past two weeks has released the iOS 10.1 and OSX 10.12.1 system, but also take some remedial measures for kernel vulnerabilities. Apple had for the vulnerability of the emergency repair patch, that short term patch, also appeared in the September 20th launch of the Mac OS 10.12 system. Of course, from the time point of view, is indeed appeared before, Google limited in September 21st but, because the patch may be bypassed, so after the grace period deadline, apple did not open the message. Then, in October 3rd, apple in the beta version of the Mac OS 10.12.1 system to try a more secure solution. As we all know, Mac OS 10.12.1 system in recent days just to the market. Of course, in the Google security team’s findings and recommendations, the current version of the system has been updated using the function of OSX and iOS users will not be vulnerable to these vulnerabilities discovered by Google. (compile all gold) apple discovered time iOS system vulnerabilities recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Chinese AI" Zhi Yuan "can get new Chinese artificial intelligence industry development report"; "business reply report", can obtain the United States "AI business guide"; "Standford", can reply won the "2030 artificial intelligence and life". Reply to the White House, the White House, the U.S. AI strategy report.相关的主题文章: