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"The bride" catch demon tianshic via click break 10 million push VR game of the same name – Sohu Yindu entertainment media investment film produced network movie "the bride" catch demon tianshic through the whole network of multi platform a week on-line click easily break 10 million. In the movie concern by the public praise at the same time, Yindu media following the launch of the first VR game called "dream journey", pushed the movie of the same name VR game "catch demon tianshic". When the network movie "mix" on black technology, will impact what kind of spark? "Catch the" demon bride tianshic through adaptation of outstanding domestic veteran magazine "the reasoning inference", with a value of adaptation of IP, is to have a certain audience, occupy a certain market share, and expand the value of things. "Broadcast" is only a starting point, after the on-line performance, derivative products, iterative development, multi dimension to achieve IP from multiple port development, "catch the demon bride tianshic route" is undoubtedly a good IP. The true value of IP, not only because of its explosive, it is more the length of life. The year 2016 is known as virtual reality, Yindu media as a pioneer of virtual reality VR content development, the introduction of "catch demon tianshic" VR game of the same name, but also with mature IP, in the development of "movie game" on the road to a bold innovation and exploration. VR game "tianshic" catch demon will create +FPS VR action adventure game, close to the young group, novels, and network game users a high degree of overlap in the future, the plot, character set, immersive virtual reality and the traditional demon elements unique combination of experience. Game player will travel to the dense empty water town in the south, facing the demons and ghosts of every hue. The game will be on the line during the year. Soon, we will be able to fit Oculus, HTC and other mainstream head, also available online under the VR Museum, about a friend, in the VR world "waving" Taomu Jian and become a "sleeve has the attribute of" tianshic, catching monster Xiangmo! IP is like a seed of life, in the growth of the pan entertainment space, to bring us infinite possibilities. "Mix" what can react much? The answer needs to wait and see.相关的主题文章: