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Gansu netizen v. ” mountain road eighteen curved ” hinder travel the official has s-holle树先生�����

Gansu netizen v. " eighteen bending mountain " hinder travel   official: started widening — local leaders — people’s net Sanyun resume of   |  message to the Gansu provincial Party Secretary of Beijing in August 31,   recently, the netizen message to the Gansu provincial Party committee, reflect the Longnan City Kang BA Xiang Fan Meng Ba Cun Shi Shan traffic inconvenience. "We have a dirt road, bending multiple steep, say can be said to be the eighteen bending mountain", wrote, "we only travel is a motorcycle, but often have accidents, especially it is difficult to go after rain in our village, want a water dirt". In this regard, the Longnan municipal government supervision and Examination Office recently made a public response, said Kang Xian Fan Cun Shi BA Xiang Meng Ba Shan Tong Road group by the township party committee and government to actively strive for the project, has started construction in July 21st of this year, the road widening project will be carried out after completion of hardening.   [netizen message] hello! I am a fan from Gansu Longnan Kang BA Xiang Meng Ba Cun Shi Jia Shan farmer, I want to say is we the traffic there, where we have a dirt road, bending multiple steep, say can be said to be the mountain turn eighteen, our only transportation is often accompanied by the accident occurred when the motorcycle. To a rainy day, after people are very difficult to walk, we all want a village cement road, the hope can reach a wish, thank netizens reply: hello! Your message has been received. Now the situation as follows: Xian Fan Cun Shi BA Xiang Meng Ba Shan Tong Road group by the township party committee and government to actively strive for the project, started construction in July 21st of this year, the road widening project will be carried out after completion of hardening. Thank you and welcome the broad masses of users to work in Longnan to give supervision, criticism and suggestions! [Internet message] Dear Secretary Wang hello! My name is Yang Village in Gansu Province Huixian Jiang Luo Zhen Xu village, our village is a poor village. The village has a total population of more than 7 thousand people, the village primary school, because for many years away from the highway (from the township primary school 20 miles) from 1949 to now, although the school development is slow, but the Provincial Department of education investment in the student cafeteria, new school year, just a teacher… Everything is OK, or project school! A few days ago to examine the county made after planning: removed the primary school, to go to school for a few students to the township primary school, making school campus culture square, the air out of the village school do business office, the office of the village committee. There is a high quality education resources who want their next generation to go, but there are economic conditions are not allowed! Last year by the Department of education statistics, our village eighty percent is because of poverty! At that time also decided to build the village kindergarten, kindergarten, primary school now how? It was removed!? Appeal to the Provincial Department of education for long-term development of the village do not withdraw from school! Answer: Hello friends! Your message has been received. Now the situation as follows: Yang Ba agency Yang Cun jiangluo town in Hui County Xu Yang Village teaching point is located in Xu, has 6 classrooms, teachers can meet the needs of the office 6, 120 students and 6 teachers use. The school currently has 3 students in the school, special post teachers, 1)相关的主题文章:

The 14 year old school students stabbed students Pipanwuqi said is to let him die – Beijing-douke

The 14 year old school students stabbed students Pipanwuqi said is to let him die – Beijing first instance jailed for 17 years after the age of 14 class protest procuratorate police academy student stabbed Pipanwuqi students in Shandong Province, Dongying City, a police academy student Hu strong, because of a trivial knife stabbed a dozen knives to students the death. The distance of the crime five months ago, Hu had strong with a knife stabbed into the injured. In December 30, 2014, Dongying City Intermediate People’s court sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. Strong. Dongying City People’s procuratorate. The day before, was commuted to life imprisonment. – the students more than a knife stabbed on December 1, 2013 at 6:20 in the morning, Dongying City, Dongying district police station alarm telephone rang sharply. The phone said, not far from the police academy with a knife wounding. After the alarm, the police quickly dispatched, at the same time, the 120 emergency vehicles from another street roaring, two cars arrived at the scene of the accident almost at the same time. Here is the hall on the first floor of the student apartment building, the scene of bloody people too horrible to look at. On the ground, walls, windows…… Big blood silently records of the horrors of that time. Police in the school cafeteria to see the teacher and student control of the murderer. "This is from Hu strong body search out the knife, stabbed the man he is." A middle-aged man with a pair of glasses handed a plastic bag with blood to the police and said, "I’m his instructor." The population in the strong stand beside him. He is not tall, silent, do not appear on the face also emerged adults, with a tender. Don’t, he is the assailant? Soon, the report identified the answer. The injured Zong Lei in more than 10 knife wounds, causing Zong Lei heart rupture, right jugular vein rupture, finally, it died. In just over an hour, the lives of two young people have been completely changed. Zong Lei lost his young life, and Hu strong, from a special class of students to become the crime of intentional homicide suspects, aged 14. – I just want to let him die confession of Hu stabbed Zong Lei confessed to the crime. Hu said, the incident that day in the morning exercises, in the hall on the first floor of the student apartment building, he pay attention while Zong Lei, was stabbed in his neck and then stabbed was scratched (autopsy confirmed that a 9 "wound the victim’s neck). This knife, Hu strong and blunt chest and abdomen and other vital parts of the victim stabbed more than and 10 knife. "I was trying to get him to cut his neck. So I will go in, go home, I do not have to control, so there is no home I go to school, employment, the economic burden of buying a house, I have to eat and drink in there, my family up to Zong Lei out of a coffin fee." Hu strong in the statement said. Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate of the juvenile criminal prosecution office prosecutor Wang Fei recalled, crime scene surveillance video shows up around the Hu strong neck, continuously stabbed, after seeing him very calmly and coolly away from the scene. According to his own account, he is the first to hide the toilet for a while, then calmly go out running exercises. No.相关的主题文章:

The annual income of 120 thousand yuan to raise taxes Standard is too

The annual income of 120 thousand yuan to raise taxes? Standards are too low, the State Council recently issued the "focus on stimulating the vitality of key groups to promote the implementation of urban and rural residents income" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" requirements, to further reduce the tax burden on the income of the following, to play the role of income adjustment, appropriate to increase the tax adjustment of high-income earners. Obviously, raising the low control is still the focus of the reform of the income distribution system, but also the most effective means to expand the middle-income groups, improve the structure of income distribution, and enhance the distribution of social wealth. However, in the future if we want to increase the tax adjustment for high-income earners, it will encounter a very real problem – how we define the current and future high-income earners. According to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2015 the average wage data, the average wage of employees surveyed units of 53615 yuan. 120 thousand yuan, from the national point of view, is indeed a very high figure. In accordance with the existing tax rules, the income of more than 120 thousand yuan by the end of the tax authorities to tax. However, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these first-tier cities, in fact, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is not what distant thing, and life can easily. 2015, the average wage of 85038 yuan in Beijing, the average wage of workers in Shanghai, $71269, the average wage of workers in Shenzhen, 81036 yuan, annual income of $120 thousand is not far away. And that’s just the average wage. For the deep North white-collar workers, the annual salary of 100 thousand -20 million is more common. The high income standards set at 120 thousand yuan, will make a lot of ordinary white-collar workers are classified as high-income earners, and thus may bear their own economic capacity does not match the high taxes. In recent years, China’s steady economic growth, however, labor costs continue to increase, the rapid growth of the income of workers throughout and it can be expected that the future with the reduction of the demographic dividend, the wages of workers will still maintain a high growth rate. In Beijing, for example, in accordance with the average wage of 85038 yuan last year, the average wage of workers in Beijing, with an average annual growth rate of about 7%, about 5 years, the average wage of workers in Beijing will be able to reach a high income standard of $120 thousand. At that time, Beijing is everywhere high income? The higher standard is too low, it will expand the influence of the middle income group, the impact of these areas by expanding the ". Whether it is realistic, or facing the future, high income standards should be a substantial adjustment to the future rapid growth of national income to leave enough policy redundancy. Expand the number of middle-income groups, the establishment of a stable olive shaped society, but also a substantial increase in the standard line of high income, greater tolerance for the middle-income class policy. A personal income tax is not intended to make money, but to adjust the distribution of social wealth, social fairness, in this process, beware of injury to the middle. It is worth noting that, in the opinion, also appeared to deepen the reform of income distribution system, adjust the income distribution structure in the development of the introduction of differentiated income distribution incentive policy requirements. "Opinions" requirements, to further reduce the tax burden on middle-income persons, middle-income groups is clearly the object of policy concern. And such as.相关的主题文章:

Shunji Iwai masterpiece adaptation of the film will be released overnight in

Shunji Iwai masterpiece adaptation of the film will be in Tokyo overnight release of "Rip Van · · temperature; Kerr’s bride" wonderful stills Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) according to the latest Japanese media reports, the famous director Shunji Iwai’s new film "Rip Van · · temperature; Kerr’s bride" serial version of the film released overnight, will be held in Tokyo in September 2nd. The movie "Rip Van · · temperature; Kerr’s bride" directed by Shunji Iwai, starring Hua Blackwood, about seven (Blackwood ornaments) OUCI is ready to love object iron also married, but the wedding that family members attended the number is too less than money to room (ryoya just decoration), the husband is not long after the wedding an affair, and her mother was framed infidelity and being evicted. Desperate seas began working in Anshitsu introduced, such as the money to attend the wedding to strangers; when the bag eats the maid and so on. The release is to promote Blu ray disc and DVD to do the promotion, the day is also the Blu ray disc and DVD release date. This release includes March 25th began to broadcast in charge of video network four hours full set six version, and Blu ray in the premiere included. The film director Shunji Iwai, who plays Nitatori Mami, as mystery Niu Chang and Ming Noguchi Masahiro will attend the activities of the day. Pre sale tickets will be held in August 31st to organize the activities of the theater for sale, the day will sell the remaining seat tickets. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章:

What’s up Princess Meng Dan give me your anger friends I have nausea lick feet!-tataufo

What’s up? "Princess" Meng Dan: give me your anger friends I have nausea lick feet! Meng Dan "Princess" in November 1st, Meng Dan actor Mou Fengbin drying out a micro-blog update according to fitness, and with the text said: "wake up, a new day, new January, years of quiet good!" In the photo, Mou Fengbin bare upper body exposed to the muscles, full of charm. However, some netizens said in the comments that he was about cannon man, in the comments, said: "the next time you do not about the software." Subsequently, Mou Fengbin angrily: "that all your friends say I online about guns, I don’t want to say you have multiple disease, I have my bottom line, I can do what I can do, not what, exactly, to your beauty temperament can be about to me, don’t so, you give me lick feet I feel sick." "I really don’t want to burst foul language, those rumors, measurbator can rest, the offer was not up to you!" All users have onlookers. Micro-blog reports: Mongolia screenshot Dan Mou Fengbin expression package became popular can not accept too dirty spoof time: 2016 04 month 17 days to source: Huaxi city newspaper "Princess" Meng Dan (map) there are many kinds of Sichuan Online – Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported in April 16th showbiz red, some because of a song, a the play burst of red, some of it is because of a news event of concern. No matter how, can be concerned about the popularity. However, after a lapse of 17 years, suddenly become a spoof of the various expressions of the Internet users to become a net bag, I do not know how popular mood. Recently, the 1999 edition of "Huanzhugege" 2 characters in "Meng Dan", because the exaggerated acting and expression, be maxed out network expression package, the role played by Mou Fengbin attention again. This is not a self hype? In an exclusive interview with the WCC reporter, Mou Fengbin not only denied speculation, also said he was hurt: "I would like to bring joy to the audience and netizens, but I see some very dirty spoof pictures and words, I feel very hurt." No longer lonely Kang Meng Dan popular expression package is undisputed, the "Princess" hit the amazing viewing effect, star making ability, until now still called a miracle. Netizens ridicule: "swallow married to become a winner in life; to set up the studio as a producer of crape myrtle; gold is the entertainment of the five elder brother summon wind and call for rain Fan Ye; a director, only Kang into expression package." Until now, when chatting with a friend, occasionally will receive Zhou Jie’s facial expression". But these two days do not know whether the expression package is not enough, users from "Huanzhugege" the egetation and dig out a new expression package – Emperor "Prince Huanzhugege" in 2 by dan. "Are you going to drive me crazy?" "my identity is a secret." "don’t touch me.""…… Exaggerated acting and expression, Qiongyao lines coupled with the typical, Meng Dan immediately shocked expression package users, not only "laugh" full of fruit, but not PS, can be directly stored into emoticons, there is no sense of violation and. Memories of acting at the time, but it really exaggerated, like everyone else, someone in micro-blog @ I, I see.相关的主题文章: