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Central European self driving (6): Innsbruck, Austria is full of amorous feelings?? in Austria, there is a proverb: Austria style are written in the face of Innsbruck. ???? Is located in the southern slope of the Alps in Innsbruck (Innsbruck), located in the southwest of Austria, and because the river through the city, ancient buildings and pavilions alps. Narrow streets of the old city, beautifully decorated Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance style building, the former royal palace row upon row of. The town remained medieval style, at the time The stream never stops flowing. beauty alone. ?????? Innsbruck city built in 1239, 1363 by an offshoot of the Habsburg family took over, 1420-1665 years, the Habsburg emperor has been living in this. During the reign of emperor Maximilian Thi of Rome (1493-1519), it became the center of European art and culture. It can be said that Innsbruck is the Habsburg power and territory to the pinnacle of the place. ???? (Wang Zhao), the Habsburgs read slightly mouthful, it is one of the history of Europe’s longest ruling, ruling the widest region noble Wang Zhao, once ruled the Holy Rome Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Empire of Austria and the Austro Hungarian Empire (including today Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany etc.). In 1020, the family built in northern Sweden bishop of the Habsburg family was named Argao. In 1273, Rudolf of Habsburg family I was elected the holy emperor of Rome, to 1918 the end of the war the disintegration of the Austro Hungarian Empire, the whole family to rule most of Europe for nearly 600 years to an end. ???? Said the Habsburgs, will have to mention the once popular China classic film "Sissi", but the real movie Sissi and be quite different. She was dignified and beautiful with a little melancholy, life experience is quite tortuous. Her charm almost conquered the whole of Europe, the legend of the famous "mad king" Ludwig S has been a crush on her, life unmarried. A prince family, Sissi was born in Bavaria in 1848, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and Sissi met for the first time in Innsbruck’s Hofburg, after 6 years of marriage in Vienna. ???? Franz Joseph I, is the founder of the Austro Hungarian Empire and the first emperor. ???? Innsbruck has too many legends and romance, the passage of time, all the memories, stay in reality, only quiet ancient streets, Sissi’s love story, and the Habsburg past glory. ????? the gold roof (Godenes Dachl) is a landmark building in Innsbruck. In early fifteenth Century, Prince Friedrich once lived here, 1500, the Holy Rome Empire emperor Milian I will be a maxi balcony into the roof of the gold box, in order to celebrations here and watch performances. ?相关的主题文章: