Chevrolet’s new cool hit in November targeting young people in the city

The new Chevrolet cool record listing in November targeting urban young people – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, SAIC GM for the first time today, Chevrolet released a new record cool appearance, and announced that the new car will be listed in this month. It is understood that as popular in North America, Germany, Canada, and landing Brazil, South Korea and other countries of the global SUV models, SUV will create a cool new city and in Guangzhou during the show and meet domestic consumers. It will be a new image of a leaner and more dynamic, more confident, and a lean young urban common shouted a, it’s cool "era declaration. SUV new City Lean Chong cool appearance map released the latest upgrade of family values Yan small meat it is understood that the new record cool handsome after the upgrade is complete. The design of a new family of stereo grille Chevrolet first used in SUV models, dynamic identification of highly tough face muscles. The front of the visual center of gravity to reduce the hood visual sense, the overall shape of the more dynamic. Sharp eyes jingcan U LED daytime driving lights sharp projection headlamps and identity which become punchline. Full body muscles strong outline at the same time, the body posture, such as a new cool Xianfeng on the climber, show full of tension sideways lines. Primerignition dynamic and full of sense of muscle high waist line sideways shape, short front overhang and perfect body ratio and short rear suspension, the American forces most incisive interpretation. The design of mobile rack and other powerful dynamic Aluminum Alloy hub, one also highlights the characteristics of the movement of new record cool perseverance and full of vitality. The latest design of the new taillights the most handsome figure, the tail shape design, but also to create a new cool the most handsome figure. Full jingcan double U LED taillights impact new design. Stereo visual extension of vehicle lateral tail gate width, full wheel eyebrow also echoed the strong sense of power and SUV. The tail of the car beneath the silver shield and the echoes, and the whole car black hem collocation is smart while jumping in the wild, and through a somewhat delicate. Since the cool record listed, with strong muscle appearance and configuration become a force in domestic small SUV. Now, the trend of more powerful new and more cool, will be synchronized with the global China landing.相关的主题文章: