Chinese artists performed the Gulf of Mexico to build a new network – the only ice expansion in aptana studio

Chinese artists performed in Mexico Bay only ice expansion built – Beijing along the Gulf of Mexico only large ice sculpture exhibition "Caribbean Christmas" in the Moodie garden construction, staff are required to prepare a giant ice sculpture. Wang Huan photo Beijing, Garr Weiss. On 23 September, (reporter Wang Huan) the warm southern United States along the Gulf of Mexico this winter will once again usher in a large ice sculpture exhibition, Harbin China from 32 internationally renowned ice sculpture artist 23 began to create a new "Caribbean Christmas" snow park here. Southern Texas Garr Weiss at the island of Moodie garden held for third consecutive years winter dream ice show, this is the only ice along the Gulf of Mexico exhibition, and third consecutive Chinese invited "ice" Harbin ice team responsible for the design, carving. With 37 years of experience in the ice Qiu Guanghui told Beijing reporters, within the next 45 days, they will be in the low temperature of minus 9 degrees Celsius, 2600 square meters in area will be 900 tons of ice into a giant color full of marine animal, coral reef, sunken treasure, oil drilling platform other slide ice ocean world. Qiu Guanghui said: "the ice structure with the former two ice sculpture exhibition theme of SpongeBob SquarePants relatively large differences, the underwater world requires carving more precise and accurate, the difficulty coefficient is higher." This year’s "Caribbean Christmas" large ice sculpture exhibition will be held in November 12th in the Moodie garden curtain, through American Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year, when the United States southern snow rarely see people will have the opportunity to enjoy the Chinese ice sculpture art charm, enjoy the unique experience of ice and snow. (end)相关的主题文章: