Cui Shunshi was traced to illegal encroach on defense projects involved in military enterprises deni exit safe mode

Cui Shunshi was traced to illegal encroach on defense projects involved in military enterprises to deny the original title: Cui Shunshi illegal encroach on national defense project   the ruling party "Chiefs" from the South Korean opposition impeachment drama two South Korean ruling new national party heavyweight member 22 announced to quit the party, makes the deep depression of President Park Geun hye cronies "politics" storm of the new country the party again hit. Analysts worry that the two people may help the opposition to promote the advance of the impeachment process. South Korea’s largest opposition Democratic Party members shared the same day broke the news that Pu Jinhui Cui Shunshi had illegally bestie to assist the United States military enterprises win the South Korean defense project. Chain reaction? Yonhap reported that due to calls for a "Pro Pak faction" in the "new national party top bestie incident exposed after the resignation request is rejected, the governor of Gyeonggi Do South Korea king Bihe Rongtai announced that 22 senior members of the gold out of the new national party. Nan Jingbi said at a news conference, the criticism aimed at the park Geun hye, that she "for personal interests, undermine the constitutional value of breaking the law, not be worthy of public authority". Nan Jingbi said that a political party should not only represent the interests of a particular group, the current situation needs to form a substitute for the new national party". Rongtai Kim said that although South Korean people believe that the new national party and not "bestie door" cutting out, but now, the new national party scandal did not seem to show remorse". Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office indicted 20 "bestie" event 3 suspects related. Prosecutors said at the same time, park Geun hye and the three men conspired to play an important role in the process of donation and access to confidential documents of the government in the process of cui". According to Yonhap said, this is the "bestie gate" scandal for the first time after a senior member of the new national party party. In the South King Bihe gold Rongtai after leaving home, the number of members of Congress new national party will be reduced to 128. Analysts worry that the South King Bihe gold Rongtai announced quit could trigger a chain effect, promote the development of more members of the ruling party and the impeachment process "left opposition to transfer ammunition". People who do not want to be named, said the news, more than 30 new national party non Park faction members to support the impeachment process, some of which have been put on the agenda. Currently, a total of 300 seats in the South Korean parliament, the opposition and non party members occupy the seats of the 171, to reach the impeachment case required at least 2/3 votes, at least get the support of the ruling party of the 29. However, the impeachment case, even after the Congress passed, and ultimately need to be the final ruling of the constitutional court approved the impeachment resolution can be formally implemented, and the constitutional court hearing the longest up to 180 days. South Korean media analysis, recognized the need to get at least 6 impeachment resolutions of the court’s 9 judges agreed, but the 9 judges for the ruling new national party "approved", so that they support the president’s impeachment, the difficulty is not small. In the military? South Korea’s largest opposition party to Democratic Senator An Minxi (transliteration) 22 to accept an interview with South Korean media broke the news, said Cui Shunshi had illegally as Lockheed Martin scored 7相关的主题文章: