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Dong Mingzhu once again named the world’s top 50 list of the most influential women – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, recently, the "fortune" magazine published the world’s 50 most powerful women list, Chinese, list of women including GREE CEO Dong Mingzhu, CEO Wang Feng, the British Chinese the Great Wall automobile general technology group president Li Dang and the ants CEO Peng Lei Jin served 12 female leader of enterprise. The Zhuhai GREE electric CEO Dong Mingzhu in eleventh lead China "women’s corps", this is the tenth time she won this award. The road is rough, "business Iron Lady" to keep the 62 year old Dong Mingzhu in GREE for nearly 27 years, as Dong Mingzhu himself said: "there is no GREE without Dong Mingzhu, but not Dong Mingzhu has certainly not been GREE today." Under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, GREE electric appliances from a small local assembly plant step by step development and growth, has become the world leader in production and sales of home appliance enterprises. Dong Mingzhu’s road to success is not easy, starting from an ordinary salesman, the first thing on the job of Dong Mingzhu is very tricky: the last 400 thousand years to recover the salesman left the debt. Dong Mingzhu completely ignored the "has nothing to do with her" debt, but "overbearing female president" in the beginning was shown and the difference, she put the business as their own thing, relying on Ruanmoyingpao recovered the money. This also let Dong Mingzhu realized that the air conditioning sales model must change. Dong Mingzhu by virtue of their outstanding performance in the GREE air conditioning sales star – when she was a person’s sales accounted for 18 of total sales. In 1994, GREE electric appliances sales staff "collective mutiny", Dong Mingzhu in the most difficult period of GREE electric appliances, stepped in, served as Minister of operating the Department of. After taking office she found that there are many disadvantages of GREE electric appliances in many aspects, should overflow receivables, debt default, internal cliques and other issues, Dong Mingzhu took office the first fire is the rules. In order to solve the problem of receivables, triangular debt, she was the first to put forward the dealer model, the establishment of GREE air conditioning sales company throughout the country, and all dealers must first play the re payment of goods. In order to correct the internal nepotism, cliques of unhealthy practices, she first start from the leadership of the cronies, relentless. Then put forward the "Three Stresses" principle, so that each GREE people have felt the enterprise is full of positive energy and enterprise culture. In 27 years, Dong Mingzhu never leave off, broadcast shortly before the "Lu Yu", Dong Mingzhu’s style of subordinates brusque let her "overbearing female president" image even more distinct. In today’s society, people on the success of women is always higher than the successful men, Dong Mingzhu is extremely confident and bossy is believed no woman, but GREE grew into hundreds of billions of business with Dong Mingzhu resolutely, mean what one says acting style are inseparable, but there is a lot of people by her confident and upright "circle of powder". Hundreds of billions of aircraft carriers to sail, the helm of the wind and rain in February of this year, GREE announced the suspension of major acquisitions: GREE electric will.相关的主题文章: