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Liu Guoliang, who is not known to understand the fat official response to the ball (Figure) – Sohu news Liu Guoliang easily Rio Rio Olympic Games mainland elite delegation has arrived in Hongkong on the morning of 27. In Beijing, at about 27 p.m. on the afternoon of the day, the delegation attended the media conference in Hongkong, which will be held at about 3 p.m.. Led by the State General Administration of sports director Liu Peng, and Lang Ping, Liu Guoliang, Zhou Jihong, Malone, Sun Yang, Wu Minxia and other Olympic athletes and coaches of the scene. In the media conference, the reporter’s question, Liu Guoliang said, netizens ridicule is expressed support and love for the team. Media reporter: at the Rio Olympics, our players are "Red Net", especially the male players, many female fans love, also known as "little meat, whether the effect of this phenomenon to the table tennis team preparing for the training? How do you communicate it in private? In addition, you have become a "net red", there are people who do not know you said, "do not understand the fat officials in the back of the ball?" Followed by friends to fight back, the fat can use the bus card you cry". Do you think this is funny? Or is there a little angry? Liu Guoliang: when I saw this piece feel very funny, but I am very happy. Because it is possible that the Chinese table tennis team won the gold medal in the Olympic Games, as the Chinese people have been very proud and proud, and very accustomed to. So we use this ridicule way, whether to ridicule me, or to the following branch, Malone, I think that is an expression of our love and support, I think no matter in any way, as long as in the Olympic Games bring you joy, to bring people happy and proud, I think all of them is an expression of love. Thank you相关的主题文章: