Foreign media Philippines president hopes China to fight against drug-related crimes iptd-651

Foreign media: the president of Philippines to combat drug crime data map with Chinese: in Philippines Philippines Narcotics Control Bureau of Cavite Province, the staff of guards seized drugs. Reference News Network reported on September 28th Philippines’s president Rodrigo · 27 Duthel Te said that he hoped the government Chinese can be controlled to engage in illegal drug activities in the territory of Philippines Chinese, according to the survey because of illegal drug activities in Philippines are mainly Chinese. According to Kyodo News Agency reported on September 27th, Duthel Te made a public speech in a busted drug laboratory of Pampanga province said that he will draw attention to this matter Chinese, because "all the raw materials are from Chinese". According to reports, the captured laboratory can produce 400 kilograms of methamphetamine hydrochloride day (ice). Referring to the plan to visit China in October, Duthel Te said: "we also hope that they can strengthen national control, and focus on those who have criminal record." According to the Philippines drug enforcement agency data, in 2015 due to drug charges were 38 foreigners arrested in 25 is Chinese. Last year, 67 people were arrested for the same reason, there are 40 foreigners in china. Previously, Duthel Te had suggested, mainly engaged in drug production and trafficking of drugs in Philippines are in the Chinese operation. In a Senate investigation in August, Philippines police chief Ronald · De La Rosa said, he had the drug problem and Chinese counterparts are discussed, Chinese has guaranteed to provide comprehensive support, including information sharing. Since taking office in June this year, Duthel Te has been to crack down on drugs directed directly to producers, sellers, traders and users. Reported that he was able to win the election as president, mainly due to him through the fight against drug-related crimes, making Philippines the country with a population of about 10000000 again on the road to development ideas. There have been more than 1000 drug-related suspects died in a gunfight with police and other law enforcement action, another more than 2 thousand people died in unclear circumstances. According to reports, human rights activists and warned foreign governments and institutions have on Duthel Te’s anti drug operations.相关的主题文章: