Four high color value of the independent brand SUV recommend giving you a glimpse of the heart zuczug

Four high value brands Yan SUV recommended you heart only a short while ago for our own brand cars, with crudely made image, but today if you also to look at them, "the face" estimation will be inevitable, especially in the field of SUV, the amazing independent brands today we emerge in an endless stream. On the recommendation of several people for both high color value, while internal strength is also impressive independent SUV, perhaps they are a better choice than many joint venture brands. Four high color value independent brand SUV recommended car manufacturers guide price (yuan) Chery Tiggo 79.79-15.39 Landwind X712.98-14.78 9.48-15.18 Roewe Geely bullyear (micro-blog) RX59.98-17.98 Tencent car tab recommended models: Chery Tiggo (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 7 official guide price: 9.79-15.39 million Chery cars China veteran brands SUV, Tiggo series models also have a very wide audience, as a member of the new Tiggo series, Tiggo 7 days ago has been officially listed, it comes from the new Chery T1X platform, can be said to represent the highest level of the current Chery motor cars. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders comments | fuel Tiggo 7 the lowest price inquiry: no parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders comment | Tiggo 7 the lowest fuel consumption: no price inquiry Tiggo 7 located in a new compact SUV, the prototype car is the Chery concept TX previously released. The overall style of the new car has a larger change compared with the previous models Tiggo series, the external shape is more younger. It is reported that the new car sales target is mainly concentrated in the young consumer groups. The appearance of a fashion, the front face of the family Chery latest design, flying wing shape personality headlights, with a new design of the front bumper, the overall high degree of identification. According to the official news, Tiggo 7 provides six models for the election, were red, white, blue lava ice blue, palm green, carbon black, orange coloured glaze. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders comments | Tiggo 7 the lowest fuel consumption: no price about interior design 7, Tiggo neat and concise, double color adds to the car’s sense of fashion. The new car is equipped with a large LCD screen, lower physical buttons below. In addition, the car is also equipped with three spoke multifunction steering wheel, a key to start, tire pressure monitoring and reversing image configuration. Body size, the new car length and width were 45051837 1670mm, wheelbase 2670mm. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders comments | fuel Tiggo 7 the lowest price inquiry: no power, the new car will provide 1.5L turbocharged and naturally aspirated 2.0L two engines available, the 1.5T engine only, manual gearbox, the 2.0L engine is CVT stepless gearbox. Recommended models: X7 Landwind official guide price: 12.98-14.78 million.相关的主题文章: