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Garlic ginger fried chili can do? Put the snake out of the hood – Sohu Yangzi Evening News Network September 16th news (reporter correspondent Fan Xiaolin Ye Fanglong) 16, 3 pm, when the family lives in Nanjing Liuhe District East Gate jinshuiwan 2 floor of the public Wang in the stove burned in advance late served, the stove hood below suddenly jump out of a 1 meter long snake and the old man was frightened, rushed downstairs to find the property staff to help staff, property to a view, found the snake has jumped into the hood pipe to the inside, Wang had to report to the police. Xiongzhou police station rushed to the scene, the snake is still hiding inside the lampblack machine pipeline does not come out, because the pipeline to equivocate, capture brings certain difficulty, the scene of a police after some consideration, think of a way, is to use garlic and ginger pepper in a wok, produce choking gas. To hide inside the hood pipe to smoke out the snake. After 20 minutes of fry, this method has the effect of soil immediately, hiding inside lampblack machine pipeline snake really can not stand, first out of breath, then slowly climb out. Climbed to the window next to the balcony of asylum, police from the third floor with the tools to be picked to the first floor of the roof, the police also found a tool to be driven, eventually, the snake had to escape from the sewer pipe down, swim into the ditch.相关的主题文章: