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Good naughty! Google made a ready to play the fine tradition of artificial intelligence technology with rap Sohu share open source, Google recently established a AI laboratory website (A.I. Experiments), to a more interesting way to promote and share AI. There are 8 sample items currently on the site, the love child norm (micro signal iFanr) to select several special fun: 1 Giorgio Cam which is a rapper AI, users only need to use mobile phone to an object to take pictures, then AI will create a rhymes with rap music. In fact, the principle is relatively simple, the use of Cloud Vision as the basis for image recognition to obtain image related keywords, and then use MaryTTS to synthesize speech. The main is to add the Giorgio Moroder music, immediately become cool. (without demur, hurry to a 10 second audition, or directly over the wall demo) 2.Thing Translator which is a real-time translation of AI, user alignment articles, pictures that immediately translate (in text display and with pronunciation). The same is the use of Cloud Vision for image recognition and Google Tranlaste API to complete the translation. Although the principle is very simple, but because you do not need to take photos, then upload, and then to other pages to view the translation, a key to the experience is still very novel. 3 Quick, Draw! Just like "you draw me guess", the user draws a pattern, and then AI will guess what it is. It applies the Google technology in the recognition of handwritten words, learning thousands of graffiti painting, combined with the user when painting strokes sequence analysis. 4 A.I. Duet and users to music dialogue AI, the user pops up a melody, and then AI will respond to a corresponding melody. The working principle of A.I. Duet is to input a large number of music materials to AI to learn, and analyze the fuzzy relation between them. Therefore, after playing a melody, the user will respond according to their own understanding of AI. After the application of machine learning, developers no longer need to set up rules to guide the AI after what the melody should be how to react, but let their own decisions. The above experiments, Giorgio Cam and Quick, Draw! Are can click demo (but the wall). And all the experimental code are shared on the site, developers can access and use to create a more fun small applications. The site also has a contribution area, users can submit their own development AI. In order to take care of the user over the wall to play, love fan children (micro signal iFanr) send Bo相关的主题文章: