Graphic watch pioneer heroes DPS data conventional weapons information list

Graphic watch pioneer hero DPS data conventional weapons information list common problem 1: Mao sister dozen single person should be left or right? Answer 1: right than the left, energy consumption of 125%, monomer output rate of 57.5%, the overall efficiency of only about 46%. So, if you just have to hurt, then there are at least 2 goals, right can be compared with the left. However, taking into account the hit ratio and the range of the left, the actual battle on their own judgment. It is worth mentioning that: 1 bullets hair sister, you can also play the need to consume 25 energy to play the right button. This is a 1 point bonus to damage efficiency. Question 2: who is suitable for shield? Answer 2: here to be discussed in 2 cases. No brain output or intermittent output. If only on brain output, it only need to look at the cycle of the output speed, there is no doubt that the fort sit down first, followed by death, and the order of light, DVA road. However, in actual combat, the need to maintain a certain distance. If more than 20 meters for a relatively safe distance to see the words, the fort is still sitting first, and then followed, it should be mad rat, Tobyn left, soldiers, black Lily sniper, Pharaoh’s eagle, 76. Above the level of combat, Fort, Tobyn, black Lily low probability of play, so it is deduced that the experience of the players of a conclusion: mad rat, 76, France is very suitable for the shield. (known takes time and experience to summarize, we pay attention to the crash, and know why) 3: in the end hook over the end at left or right? Answer 3: This is a novice to the right key problem in a complete mess, only for 10 meters of combat, or damage is too low. Slightly from a distance, it is difficult to hit the left key at full damage. So the best distance is 12m in the road curb, outside, or between 5-8 meters. These simple questions are valuable. More, please look at their own table. Inside some numerical I modified, with a numerical top out of date. Hope this table to help you. To emphasize a word, the game is playing numerical. Any game strategy, are based on some numerical value, is clearly written, some numerical dark skills to write some parameters; write in your career records, such as the hit rate; some in your peripherals, the sensitivity of the mouse, monitor refresh rate; in your mind the most for example, the reaction speed. I hope you can understand the meaning of this paragraph, good luck. The chart may be some data out of order, please forgive me. Welcome to point out the mistakes. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: