Han Geng wants to fit SJ by face response do self recording pen (video) verbal jint

Han Geng wants to fit SJ by face response: do self recording pen? Former SJ12 member Han Geng Tencent entertainment news artist Han Geng was the Han group Super Junior (SJ) one, became the first debut in South Korea Chinese, but in 2010 because of "stand injustice League" announced solo, so many fans shocked. He had previously interviewed but admitted in his debut 10 years, called EP to fit the old comrade in arms, but the other company recently responded "no phone", the studio responded "if there are years back, we will bring a recorder". Han Geng studio issued a document that, like the issue of cooperation after 10 years EP this matter, set in 2015 Spring Festival and former partner at the reunion of the phone, Han Geng filed 2 months ago in an interview, he was questioned in the face of the press speculation, clarify the studio, as an artist, "asked sensitive question answer will be made of the" even know the entertainment ecosystem, but definitely not accept "distorting the truth, but not boring to a nonexistent telephone invented for speculation". In addition, Han Geng revealed that during this period of time to develop, but not to suffer tattle and prate attack, the malicious comments always held the laugh at practice, but now even the artist honest answers, but still public opinion fermentation, "are artists in private dinner chat on the phone are self recording", a helpless speech to the fans very distressed. Han Geng said he was deceived?相关的主题文章: