Hebei youth voice ” ” provincial cities and counties to achieve full coverage of the Hebei polartec

Hebei youth voice " " provincial cities and counties to achieve full coverage of the Hebei channel — people.com.cn original title: the province to build interactive platform service unity about 20000000 youth new ties "youth voice interactive platform of provincial cities and counties to achieve full coverage of" what time is the best time to find a job "and" how to improve the success rate of the interview "and" how to to quickly adapt to the complex social environment"…… With the arrival of College Students’ employment season, the voice of youth interactive social platform is filled with the desire of graduating students. In order to help them better plan for the future, the provincial Party committee held a "youth voice" public lecture in North China University of science and technology in recent years, helping college students to do mental adjustment and job hunting image building. "Voice of youth" is an interactive social platform for youth organizations to listen to the voice of youth and serve the needs of young people under the new situation. In September 22nd last year, the provincial committee officially opened the voice of youth, organizations around the League attaches great importance to, rapid action, take the lead in achieving provincial, city and county three full coverage. Up to now, the "youth voice" interactive platform in Hebei has exceeded 320 million people, and the total number of questions and answers has exceeded 80 thousand times. In order to build "youth voice" into a new link to unite and serve the about 20000000 young people in Hebei, the Youth League Committee needs to find the youth’s needs, activate the online platform, and open up the line position, so that the voice and appeal of the youth will really fall to the ground". Online, the League organizations hold the main time nodes, set up youth issues, establish a discussion area. "Youth Guardian point, care for the left behind children action", "on red faith, I have something to say" and other topics triggered heated debate among the majority of young people, click on the amount and message constantly refresh record. Online, around the topics of entrepreneurship, employment, volunteer service, marriage and dating friends, the Youth League organizations carry out colorful activities. In Tangshan, the "voices of youth, Qingnuan road home, love ride free carrying 153 passengers; in Qinhuangdao, the" voices of youth volunteer service alliance activities in the tourist season, set up 6 volunteer service stations and 100 loving station to provide information consultation for the tourists and the public medical rescue volunteer service in Cangzhou; experts in various fields, combined with "Botou Mission City Youth voice", in order to carry out the "city better life" as the theme of the policy and law, environmental protection, transportation and other areas of promotional activities. The Communist Youth League is the bridge and link between the party and the youth. The League organizations at all levels in Hebei firmly grasp the "youth voice" platform construction, unite and lead the youth to contribute to the economic and social development of Hebei province. In July this year, Hebei province suffered heavy rains and floods, the provincial Party Committee launched the voice of youth, the heart of Hebei disaster crowd raise action". The majority of young people responded positively, and raised about 1100000 yuan for the people in the disaster areas in Xingtai, Shijiazhuang and Handan. "We should make" youth voice "platform work as the breakthrough of the Communist Youth League reform and innovation and cohesion service youth breakthrough point." Shang Libing, deputy secretary of the Provincial Committee of the league, said that the League Committee actively integrated resources and optimized the working process, so that "youth voice" and the actual work of the Communist Youth League complement each other, and promote the Communist Youth League organization to achieve a flat management. This year, "youth 54 Medal" selection, volunteer service activities, publicity, registration and many other work

河北"青年之声"互动平台实现省市县全覆盖–河北频道–人民网 原标题:我省筑起团结服务2000多万青年新纽带 “青年之声”互动平台实现省市县全覆盖 “什么时候是找工作的最佳时机”“怎样提高面试成功率”“如何快速适应复杂的社会环境”……随着大学生就业季到来,“青年之声”互动社交平台上写满了应届毕业生的渴求。为帮助他们更好地规划未来,近日,团省委在华北理工大学举办了“青年之声”公益讲座,帮助大学生做好心理调适及求职形象塑造。 “青年之声”是新形势下团组织打造的倾听青年声音、服务青年需求的互动社交平台。去年9月22日,团省委正式开通“青年之声”,各地团组织高度重视、快速行动,率先实现省市县三级全覆盖。截至目前,河北省“青年之声”互动平台点击量突破3.2亿人次,问答总量突破8万次。 为了把“青年之声”打造成团结服务河北省2000多万青年的新纽带,团省委找准青年需求,激活线上平台,打通线下阵地,使青年的声音与诉求真正“落地”。 在线上,各地团组织紧抓主要时间节点,开设青年议题,建立讨论专区。“青春守护点对点 关爱留守儿童行动”“关于红色信仰,我有话说”等议题引发广大青年热议,点击量和留言量不断刷新纪录。 在线下,围绕创业就业、志愿服务、婚恋交友等青年关注的话题,团组织开展丰富多彩的活动。在唐山,“青年之声―情暖回家路,爱心顺风车”免费搭载153人次;在秦皇岛,“青年之声”志愿者服务联盟开展服务旅游旺季活动,设置6个志愿服务站及100个爱心驿站为游客和市民提供信息咨询、医疗救助等志愿服务;在沧州,泊头团市委联合“青年之声”各领域专家,开展了以“城市让生活更美好”为主题的法律、环保、交通等领域政策宣传活动。 共青团是党联系广大青年的桥梁和纽带。河北省各级团组织紧紧抓住“青年之声”平台建设,团结带领广大青年为河北省经济社会发展献计出力。今年7月,河北省多地遭遇暴雨洪灾,团省委开展了“青年之声?心系河北灾区众筹行动”。广大青年积极响应,为邢台、石家庄、邯郸等地灾区群众筹集物资110多万元。 “我们要把做好‘青年之声’平台工作作为共青团改革创新的突破口和凝聚服务青年的切入点。”团省委副书记商黎兵表示,团省委积极整合资源,优化工作流程,使“青年之声”与共青团实际工作相辅相成,推动共青团组织实现扁平化管理。 今年,“青年五四奖章”评选、志愿服务活动宣传报名等多项工作在线上开展,取代了层级传导开会、发文等传统方式,工作信号第一时间传递到基层,既受到青年欢迎,又提高了工作效率。(记者刘荣荣) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: