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Hefei police destroyed a number of manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens in Anhui financial network 3 yuan a catty of bulk liquor, poured into the online buy brand liquor bottle, a bottle of 10 yuan less than the cost of alcohol, turned the market price of 200 yuan brand liquor, and then to the market price of 1/3, or half of the sale price. In November 4th, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter learned from the Hefei police, the day before, Hefei Yaohai police destroyed a team selling liquor dens, the scene seized nearly thousand bottles of various types of wine. Village reservoir filling of counterfeit dens 8 months of this year, the police get an economic information, logistics market in the area of counterfeit liquor made overseas, the police immediately launched an investigation. The secret to track the sender, the police soon found in the surrounding areas of Hefei, there are a number of manufacturing counterfeit dens, a large number of fake liquor here is complete, then shipped to Hefei, and then sold in several cities in the province. After a period of the investigation, the gang selling counterfeit products gradually surfaced. The early morning of October 27th, police in Anhui, a village in Lu’an, found the dens, just finished more than 100 boxes of counterfeit products, ready to pull the night 2 suspects seized on the spot sales of Hefei. The police, in addition to alcohol, at the scene also found a lot of wine, and a full set of fake equipment. In one of the suspects home, police also seized hundreds of pieces have finished wine. The cost of 10 yuan counterfeit products, selling over more than 10 times after being arrested, the suspect named Ma and Dong Mou confessed to the crime on their own, according to their account, they from the market price of 3 yuan a pound to purchase bulk wine, filling in recycled, or bought from the Internet into the bottle, then using a special machine for packaging, from the appearance point of view, and on the market really wine to distinguish between true and false, even printing and anti-counterfeit labels are Goods are available in all varieties. After processing, they will sell these bottles at less than 10 yuan per bottle, and then sell them to the merchants in need at the retail price of 1/3 or half of the retail price. According to the two men, since the second half of this year, they have accumulated more than 1600 bottles of wine and in this way, are exported to all parts of Anhui, the value of more than 20 yuan. In order to avoid the police investigation, Ma and other people generally will not hoard a lot of goods, each time after receiving orders from businesses to start processing, "materials, equipment, processing is very convenient, a night time will be able to do more than 100 boxes."." Ma said, and each transaction, they are not directly sent to the liquor business shop, but the choice is very subtle way, or through the logistics, or agreed to trade places with each other, usually on the roadside or in a remote place, "the car parked on the roadside, the name of a double jump, one will be able to see the person to pick up a direct move away, then knot payment." Police told reporters. At present, the case is still under further excavation. Correspondent with public new market star, Anhui financial network reporter Wang Weiwei

合肥警方捣毁多个制售假酒窝点   安徽财经网讯 3元一斤的散装白酒,灌入从网上买来的品牌白酒瓶内,一瓶成本不到10元的假酒,摇身一变成市场价200多元的品牌白酒,然后以市场价三分之一,或者一半的价格出售。   11月4日,市场星报、安徽财经网记者从合肥警方获悉,日前,合肥瑶海刑警一队捣毁一制售假酒的窝点,现场查获近千瓶各类假酒。   山村藏灌装假酒窝点   今年8月份,瑶海警方获取一条信息,辖区物流市场内有假冒白酒发往外地,民警随即展开调查。通过对发件人的秘密跟踪,警方很快发现,在合肥周边地区,有多个制造假酒的窝点,大量冒牌白酒在这里加工完成,随后运往合肥,进而销往省内多个地市。   经过一段时间的侦查,这个制售假酒的团伙逐渐浮出水面。10月27日凌晨,警方在安徽六安一山村内,找到该制假窝点,将刚加工完100多箱假酒,准备连夜拉往合肥销售的2名嫌疑人当场查获。   民警介绍,除了假酒之外,在现场还搜出了大量酒盒,以及全套的造假器材。在其中一名嫌疑人家中,民警又搜出几百件已经加工完成的假酒。   成本10元假酒,翻十多倍售卖   被捕后,嫌疑人马某和董某对自己的犯罪事实供认不讳,据他们交代,他们从市场上以3元一斤的价格收购来大量散装酒之后,灌装到回收来的,或者从网上买来的瓶子之中,再使用专门的机器进行包装,从外观上来看,与市场上销售的真酒难辨真假,甚至连喷码和防伪标识都一应俱全。   加工完成之后,他们将这些每瓶成本不到10元的酒,以市场零售价三分之一到一半的价格再转卖给有需要的商家,从中获利。据两人交代,自今年下半年以来,他们用这样的方式累计制售了1600余瓶各类假酒,分别销往安徽各地,涉案价值20余万元。   为了躲避警方的排查,马某等人一般不会大量囤积货物,每次都是接到商家的订单之后才动手加工,“材料、装备齐全,加工起来很方便,一晚上的时间就能做好一百多箱。”马某说,而每次交易,他们并不直接将假酒送到商家店铺之中,而是选择十分隐蔽的方式,或是通过物流,或是与对方约定交易地点,一般在路边或偏僻处,“车停路边,打着双跳,一眼就能看出来,提货的人来了直接搬了就走,之后再结货款。”民警告诉记者。   目前,案件仍在进一步深挖之中。   通讯员 合公新 市场星报、安徽财经网记者 王玮伟相关的主题文章: