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Hidden Dragon Kuril country? Open navigation era treasures – Sohu "tourism study or travel, the body and mind there is always the same on the road", this sentence in the cruise said it wasn’t niubi! Ha Long Bay end of a book, sitting on the 7 floor of the actress on the deck, listening to the waves blowing sea breeze, or late at night, in the Lido opera house, a "Noah’s Ark", is not more fun? Li Xinglun: our earth ‘s wandering in the vast universe, we place the actress wandering in the deep South China Sea deep place, wandering in the secular world. Jun tethong. Life is a journey, why not to experience the joys and sorrows, clouds, water into an elegant poem? Dragon into the sea on a sunny morning, a star into the Kuril country — Ha Long Bay, here in smooth water, singing fish late, the island group cloth into a stone, the size of the vessel through which, a step King change unpredictably! The mountains until a bridge blocked at the star way, then stopped, put down the anchor rope. This is the use of the ferry boat tied to the 8 layer, we will batch ashore. The "Ha Long Bay" meaning "sea dragon", the shape resembles a flooded Guilin, so the Chinese nickname here as "sea of Guilin", in 2011 by the world cultural protection organization named "new seven wonders of the world". From the bridge overlooking the satellite map, in the 1500 square kilometers of the sea, dense stands of more than 3 thousand islands, named only more than 1 thousand. Fishing legend, this area was due to complex terrain, sea pirates often tyrants infestation, fishermen’s life miserable, had to use the power of prayer and resolve the pain. The wrath of the gods and the final atrocity, the Dragon falls sent north bay to punish. Dragon mouth dolphin pearl against pirate, dragon ball fell into the sea, into the rock, towering mountains. City Street in the street every beautiful girl in Vietnam pass, there is always the girl next door closeness. Related to Vietnamese history closer than the Han nationality in Kunming, ASEAN members, and the historical origin of the Vietnamese China most profound. From the north to the South and the score is not clear and the man and the Taiwanese language differences of Guangdong dialect and therefore, have never been abroad door illusion. The monument on Master (left): the end of a Long Wan noble, hiding under the coconut tree, want to shoot a group of boat family life, when a middle-aged man wearing a neat bike smiling to me. He shook hands with me and greeted me politely in english. Tsering Jun not English, so he changed the Russian, the more people Speechless! But the glasses, told him in Chinese, although tall, but from China, I Don’t and Speak English. afternoon Buddha shop with the socialist camp in Vietnam in recent years and China trade increase, non-governmental exchanges between the two countries are also many, at the beginning of 16, in the border city of Sabah Tibet king "in the mountain bike race, although the tail had not been net相关的主题文章: