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Houston government and business overseas Chinese scholars to review G20 results in the southern Sino US cooperation will upgrade – Beijing, China News Agency, Houston (reporter Wang Huan) in September 15, Texas and Houston municipal government officials, business representatives of the southern region of the United States in the United States, Chinese entrepreneurs, local overseas Chinese leaders and more than 200 people, 15 day in the United States, the fourth largest city of Houston, held to review more than a week ago in Hangzhou Chinese successful G20 summit and heads of state meeting in achievements, hope as an opportunity to promote the Chinese and southern regional cooperation and exchanges in the fields of comprehensive upgrade. The participants received two Chinese and English materials on the same day: the Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty and the list of China and the United States heads of state meeting in Hangzhou. Chinese Consul General in Houston Li Qiangmin is eager to understand the results of local response from all walks of life and the G20 Summit on the impact of Sino US relations desire, delivered a keynote speech to the theme of "win-win cooperation" pull together in times of trouble first, around the Hangzhou summit summit in the creation, for the world economic growth mode and innovation direction, positive impact on five aspects, and Xi Jinping the chairman and the eighth meeting between President Obama and the significance are introduced one by one and in-depth interpretation. "Increased confidence and friendly meeting the successful convening of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the two heads of state for us future stable development, bring a new opportunity for the development of Sino US cooperation, the biggest positive is Chinese and southern regional cooperation." Li Qiangmin pointed out that China enterprises to invest in the southern region of the United States has exceeded $20 billion, creating nearly 5000 jobs in energy, infrastructure, agriculture and other fields, the cooperation between the two sides have a brilliant future; two trade cooperation and innovation cooperation to further expand the opportunity to usher in G20 by Dongfeng; environmental protection and climate change become the highlights of cooperation continue to expand cultural exchanges; social basis pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. He looked forward to the United States federal and local governments to give Chinese companies a fair, impartial and convenient investment and business environment. The United States Department of the Houston leading group office director Nicholas, Chinese? Pappu association director Cheng Yezeng and the Mexico American community leaders said the participants, the participants benefited, they have on the topic the United States and the southern region of the Chinese and commercial development, including tourism education cooperation, personnel exchanges and other hot questions, please Li Qiangmin more detailed introduction. The United States congressman Pete Olsen? Asian representative Zhang Jingjing (Jingjing Clemence) told News Agency reporters, "the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, this is a great recognition of the world China to improve the overall strength of the American mainstream society, now more attention to Chinese forces and sound more and more, feel proud for overseas chinese." She said, "next week will visit Houston the Chinese State Bureau of tourism promotion activities, is the best example of summit achievements into practical action, interaction of my future the two sides launched in the broad areas of diplomacy, economy, education and other more pragmatic expectations." The event is sponsored by the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce, Houston branch of the American Chamber of Commerce in China相关的主题文章: