How many copies of these AI films have you seen

How many copies of these AI films have you seen? Lead: U.S. drama "western world" hit, the public’s attention to artificial intelligence, profound reflection of human nature with the stimulation of science fiction movie, artificial intelligence has been attracting attention, with the development of computer technology, the artificial intelligence technology is no longer strange. Many years ago, swept the global mobile phone also can call the IOS system now carry Siri and Android voice assistant can interact with people. Whether the future of artificial intelligence will develop into what might be as follows. One will give you inspiration: killer, want to become human "boy", adorable cute human assistant and so on, although the difference is quite big, but all are carried out a bold vision for the development of artificial intelligence, some even have part became a reality. Today, I would like to recommend to you some of the most classic in the history of artificial intelligence film, you have seen a few? (source: StyleMode Chinese network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Artificial intelligence is the study of how to make the computer to do in the past only talent can do intelligent work." – Professor Winston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) The Matrix (1999) in the future of the twenty-second Century human and robot outbreak of war, the ultimate robot rule the world. In order to get the energy, the robot’s artificial intelligence program system controls the majority of human consciousness, creating a virtual world in twenty-first Century. The male "Neo" in order to get rid of the liberation of human beings, the parent program of the virtual world, and some other self aware beings in the real world and the virtual world in a fierce struggle. If you ask people who work in the field of IT favorite artificial intelligence related movies, I believe most people will vote for the "hackers Empire" trilogy. Does the technical details and the design of science fiction is very rigorous, especially the description of network and virtual reality, make a similar video catch. Remember the scene is the main power to cut power to the female, the film shows the lady is Nmap (a network connection port scanning software) port scan, and then use the sshnuke password to SSH online, turn off the power in the past, the attitude of seeking truth! I, robot I, Robot (2004) on the three laws of robotics, the story of a hatred of intelligent robot detective because of a bizarre Dutch act case, NS-5 type super robot began investigating the USR development of the disclosure made a terrible secret. Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov has proposed three laws of robotics: the first law, the robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm; the rule of second, unless contrary to the first rule, the robot must obey human commands; do not violate the rule of third, in the first and the two rule, the robot must protect its own. This movie is that possible mutiny rationalization, leading people to machine.相关的主题文章: