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How to divide the money to be recovered from China and Canada? Sohu News – coincidentally, September 22nd, "hundreds of red pass personnel" No. sixty-fifth Jiang Qian voluntarily returned from Canada to surrender. Write a press release, "strengthen bilateral law enforcement and judicial cooperation with Canada, concentrate all forces, take various measures to promote the pursuit of stolen goods." The red pass with Wuhan city drainage development limited company to coordinate the relocation of the former minister Jiang Qian home, "hundreds of red" 34 people have been arrested. The political circle know sort out what this 34 people have at least 9 flight is Canada (there are 1 people in the press release did not disclose its flight, it is possible for Canada), that is returned from Canada and over 14 staff. How did they come back? This is Jiang Qian with both pursuit stolen goods, "in legal deterrence, policy influence and family influence", Jiang Qian surrendered, and the illegal income equivalent to more than 1400 yuan and confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. In these examples, the most frequently used word is "Sino Canada", "bilateral judicial cooperation". Usually, these cases are to set up a working group to focus the establishment of the central anti-corruption coordination group, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of public security, the provincial Office of the pursuit of three supervise the handling system. In February this year to return often syndrome in Guangdong province will actively do pursuit with their relatives and friends and lawyers for communication and cooperation; through cooperation, and Canadian law enforcement agencies start multinational repatriation process, squeeze their living space, block migration, retention channel, prompting returned to surrender. There are many ways to return to Hong Tong, including quanfan, arrest, extradition, repatriation, remote prosecution and so on, quanfan currently is one of the main, but also a way to let the flight staff take the initiative to return home. The Commission website revealed that in practice pursuit ZhuiZang, quanfan program has been standardized. China and Canada, Australia has established a more standardized procedures for the return of the United States and the United States are advised to return procedures are being established in consultation. The political thought of knowledge assets circle brothers number of public political SIPO last May in an article "solution | Bureau expert analysis of the internal Chengweigao long way Muyang hiding in with? ". Professor Lai Changxing served as an expert witness, a refugee case of Macao University of Saint Joseph assistant president Yang Cheng said at the time, in the past two years to complete the negotiations "to share and return the confiscated assets agreement". If this agreement is signed and executed soon, it will be the first criminal asset sharing agreement signed between China and foreign countries. In September 22nd, during Li Keqiang’s visit to Canada, the foreign ministers of the two countries signed the agreement, this is the first special agreement in China in the field of foreign contracted to recover the proceeds of crime. Literally, the future of the proceeds of the crime will be from the two countries to share. The Ministry of foreign affairs and international law enforcement cooperation outside the pursuit of the Special Coordinator for sun ang "Legal Daily" said, "the best results recovered transferred to the outside of the proceeds of crime is the return of all. But in many cases, this goal is difficult to achieve. At this time, to maximize the recovery of the outflow of the proceeds of crime, and carry out the relevant countries.相关的主题文章: