Hubei will solve the new network outside the flood waterlogging and small rivers flood risk –

Hubei will solve the new network outside the flood waterlogging and small rivers flood risk – in the news in November 11th, Hubei province held a news conference to post disaster reconstruction. At the meeting, Hubei Provincial Water Resources Department Director Wang Zhongfa, deputy director of Zhou Hankui, a reporter asked in the flood season this year, highlights the city flood waterlogging, small rivers and tributaries flood risk etc.. Wang Zhongfa in answer to a question that the waterlogged areas near the existing 15% regional farmland drainage standard of less than 5 years, this year in flood season in 47 counties of waterlogging waterlogging farmland area of 13 million 800 thousand acres; part of the city drainage capacity of construction can not keep up the pace of city development, the flood season this year by the serious disaster efflux capacity are due to disaster an important reason. Agreed to report to the provincial government, the province to determine the priority to the implementation of new or expansion of 11 pumping stations to add the discharge capacity, the main layout in this year exposed out row of a serious shortage of capacity on waterlogged areas, the total size of the 680 flow, a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan. The 11 enlargement project specifically: Southeast Hubei Fankou two stations, two stations, more than two Jinkou dock station, Daye lake two station; Wuhu Lake pumping station northeast of Hubei Province; Fu Tong River area? Lake pumping station, the silver carp to pumping station; in Chenhu area of Hanjiang River Pumping Station, Shayang station, Ma Liang lake of Zhongxiang pumping station; Luoshan station four lakes in the area under the. Currently, 11 pumping station feasibility study has been completed in October 31st, will be completed before the end of construction. At the same time, water conservancy departments will also actively seek the key to other area into the national flood drainage capacity of the post disaster water conservancy weak link capacity building project, plans to invest 10 billion yuan, the new or expansion of a number of small pumping stations, strengthening Lake embankment, complete remediation sluice gate and canal system engineering, effectively solve the city flood waterlogging and waterlogged areas of poor drainage problems. Zhou Hankui said that this year’s flood season by the impact of the first 4 rounds of heavy rainfall, Ba River, water, Han River, Fu River and other important tributaries of the water level over a long period of time, or even a super guarantee, frequent danger. The danger, serious palace river north of Han River, rich in water, water, Xishui, Pakistan embankment for water tributaries without remediation. Some small and medium-sized rivers flood disaster frequently, flood control risk is prominent. According to incomplete statistics, this year has occurred over the warning level above the flood of small and medium rivers more than and 300. Have the basic governance River can withstand several rounds of flood occurred this year, but without improvement over the river danger prone, rivers are destroyed in different degree, and even the occurrence of landslide local collapse of saturating danger. For the system to solve the small river main tributaries, exposed in the flood control problems, Hubei Provincial Water Resources Department to report the Ministry of water resources and docking, compiled the "post disaster water conservancy construction scheme to speed up the weak links in Hubei province (2016-2019)", Pakistan will give water, water, water, water rich, Xishui land, water Qi, water, the main tributary of the Han Palace? River, North River, Takahashi River, Jinshuihe, and more than and 300 small rivers project into the implementation of the program. Currently, the Ministry of Water Resources approved the main tributaries of the province, nearly 30 billion yuan investment in small river governance. It can be predicted that the flood control standards of the whole province will be greatly improved through the treatment.相关的主题文章: