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In front of the pro Shu Chengdu yellow ginkgo, come this sweep "yellow" film! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) before it is an unknown to the public of the temple, because every autumn, many photographers here as the ginkgo, let Chengdu people fall into here will go to the place, here is the temple of white — white rock! Rock temple is located in Dayi County Rural Venus, the name is because the temples are located in a large white rock below. It is said that in the Eastern Han Dynasty Yongping 16 years, created by the monk of India, is a monastery of Tibetan buddhism. The white rock temple that most Chengdu impressive is the autumn of ginkgo, the end of October there have been a lot of people come here. Sister to see this week to see the beginning of the Yellow ginkgo, it seems that you can, in mid November to enter the best viewing period. This time the Ginkgo biloba half green, half yellow, as if to people passing through a signal — autumn is coming. Scenic map of the nine sons of ginkgo to white rock temple to see ginkgo, have to mention is the temple of the temple in front of the door of the nine son of ginkgo, the tree has been planted for more than 1000 years. The nine tree to do together, known as the "nine even line". Once the tree was hit by lightning and died. As a result, it grew nine new trees from the roots. The trunk was hollow. At the end of October is generally green and yellow ginkgo tree, wrapped with prayer flags, everywhere covered with thick atmosphere of Tibetan buddhism. Climb on the road to see this straight ginkgo ginkgo, look, and feel themselves small. Zen and ginkgo mountain go for a long time is about the main hall, the entrance to the temple of the tree is nine ginkgo temple in the town treasure, the ginkgo tree in the main hall next to the empty Bazi, especially wide below branches sprinkled, when the leaves fall, the United States. Want to come here and famous ginkgo to commemorate photo, another autumn. Individual trees are yellow, and some are deciduous, the ground can see a lot of Ginkgo biloba leaves. White rock temple scenic area in about 10 minutes’ walk to the main hall, there is a tree in front of the "Star", the nine son of ginkgo. Here is a friend with ginkgo, two is like the Buddha, the three is to climb, when to the place of the three things you can do. The mountains also sell ginkgo, seems to be 10 yuan a catty, to buy back a pot of Ginkgo stewed chicken, fill a Kazakhstan today’s energy consumption climbing. Then you can see through the house of prayer, a tube of a cycle, adults and toddlers are competing for a try, you see these very bright zhuanjingtong knew a lot of people to touch. Because of the time to play a little bit of rain, the fog on the mountain is particularly large, almost can not see what the top of the mountain, but also quite artistic conception. Just really cold ah, you are playing at home and remember to wear thick point. In the mid cave cave, formerly known as "white cave, inside the cave can actually stand a few people, the winter will be steaming, winter)相关的主题文章: