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In response to the national call Hengfeng bank to force "The Belt and Road" project of the new network in September 21, the new network –   in response to the financial support of The Belt and Road construction call, Hengfeng bank initiative into the The Belt and Road "strategy, active layout of The Belt and Road" project. A local branch of evergrowing Bank branch combined with the local reality, carefully seeking in all aspects of financial services. In Beijing, September 8th, Beijing Hengfeng bank Zhichun Road Branch officially opened, this is the first sub branch in Zhongguancun Hengfeng Bank district layout. According to reports, in order to further improve the market share, capital, Prudential Bank constantly improve the network layout in Beijing. Zhichun Road area has obvious geographical advantages, high scientific research institutions, entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere. Area has a large high-tech enterprise headquarters and many innovative SMEs, technology and financial needs. This year marks the "13th Five-Year plan" start of the year, Prudential Bank responded positively to the "scientific and technological innovation to boost the development of Inclusive Finance, with the financial innovation and promote the Belt and Road Initiative" appeal, the establishment of the Zhichun Road branch to effectively for Small and micro businesses, innovation enterprise, The Belt and Road "project to provide strong financial support. In Shaanxi, Prudential Bank Xi’an branch of the relevant responsible person said, these years, Prudential Bank in the "The Belt and Road project invested a lot, among them, to help Xianyang and West Ham District infrastructure construction, to provide 5 billion yuan financial support to the Shaanxi West Ham district development group, provides nearly 7 billion yuan loan to Metro Airport Qin and Han Dynasties, the East Metro symphony, Metro, Metro West Symphony etc.. 2015 to October, but also with the Silk Road Merchants Association reached 5 billion yuan strategic credit intention. In addition, to continue to increase the economic belt along the area of financial support for the construction of key projects to provide strong support, in August 1st, Prudential Bank Lazi Xianyang, initially completed in Xi Xian two layout, further expand the "help" the Silk Road power. In Yunnan, Yunnan Province, in order to better grasp the construction of China facing Southeast Asia radiation center opportunity, active integration The Belt and Road construction, Prudential Bank Kunming branch and Chinese import and Export Bank of China branch in Yunnan province to discuss, starting from the construction of infrastructure, cross-border investment and financing, import and export trade Small and micro businesses such as multiple level, to explore various forms of cooperation, and actively support Yunnan enterprises "going out". In Zhejiang, since this year, the Yiwu branch of the bank to respond positively to the financial support of The Belt and Road construction call, adhere to Yiwu as "seize the development opportunities brought about The Belt and Road fulcrum" of the city, make full use of Hengfeng bank gives a series of preferential policies, strong service to the development of commodity trade in Yiwu, help along road construction. As of April this year, the Yiwu branch of the bank for business, such as Golden, Tianmen Xiang Yiwu local cross-border trade enterprises to provide credit exposure of nearly 200 million yuan, effectively boosting the local Belt and Road Initiative "construction. In August 17th this year, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping in Beijing to attend the Great Hall of the people to promote the "The Belt and Road" construction work of the forum. In the forum, Xi Jinping requirements, to effectively promote financial.相关的主题文章: