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In this case, don’t let the baby cry! Otherwise… – Sohu when it was found that maternal baby small root of thigh when hidden when present, parents do not effect, which is likely to be inguinal hernia! If handled properly, and may even endanger the baby’s life. Today I will take you to the kangaroo knowledge of an inguinal hernia. What is inguinal hernia? Inguinal hernia is that we often say "small intestine gas" and "hernia", refers to the place in the groin area (thigh abdominal wall below the root) of abdominal hernia, abdominal wall is due to congenital abnormalities caused by. In the early embryonic development in the peritoneal inguinal ring outward a pocket prominent, called peritoneal scabbard. As the fetus develops, the boy’s testicles descend into the scrotum with the peritoneal sheath, and the uterine round ligament of the girl declines along the peritoneal sheath. Under normal circumstances, processus atresia will shrink before the birth of a child, if you do not lock and continue to open, intraperitoneal bladder, intestine and cecum, ovary, fallopian tube and other organs or tissues easily into the inguinal canal, even scrotal labia majora, the subcutaneous local bulge mass, also is our inguinal hernia say. According to the contents of the hernia into the hernia sac, inguinal hernia can be divided into four types: 1, easy to complex hernia: the most common, the most mild symptoms. As is the popular flat or is pressed by hand when the mass is gone, mass again coughing, crying, hard stool, this situation is reducible hernia. No special discomfort, only occasional local pain and referred pain feeling. 2, irreducible hernia: into the hernia sac due to small intestine or ovary often with hernial sac anterior wall friction, inflammation caused by adhesions caused by, so even if the outstanding bowel is not much, not good reply. In addition, the baby will appear fever, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms. 3, incarcerated hernia: Baby inguinal or scrotal parts will appear a large mass, appearance from red to purple, hard texture, according to the back, much tenderness obviously, caused by the sudden force. Generally speaking, does not block hernia occur within a short time blood circulation disorder, although not because intestinal hernia retraction, but also unjammed. But if not a long time, will enter the stage of strangulated hernia. 4, strangulated hernia: the most severe clinical symptoms. In this stage the baby usually abdominal pain, frequent vomiting, bloody stool, and even shock, endanger the child life. The boy is more susceptible to inguinal hernia inguinal hernia is all in the highest incidence of birth defects, it can occur at any age, but 1 years old infants and young children, and the proportion of male and female incidence is 15: 1. The reason why boys have a higher incidence is related to their special physiological structure. We mentioned above, the boy’s testicles in slowly descend into the scrotum through the inguinal canal in late pregnancy, but because testes are generally not the boy fell at the same time, the right will be slightly later than the left side, so the processus tube closure is also relatively late, are more prone to inguinal hernia, hernia contents is the small intestine and cecum. And a girl with inguinal hernia"相关的主题文章: