Jiangshan generation of talented people concept; Chinese fashion modeling (CFS) elite competit ratatouille

"Jiangshan generation of talented people"   concept; Chinese fashion modeling (CFS) elite competition finalists released – Fashion – fashion design concept (China people.com.cn (China Fashion Styling, CFS) images show and elite awards ceremony will be held in Jinghu 798 Art Space in Beijing in September 19th. CFS Classic) officially started from June 25, 2016, to August 27th officially ended, lasted two months, a total of 153 entries contestants received 1172 entries, 455384 people participated in the voting, voting platform 3253568+ the amount of reading, by many people outside the industry support and recognition. The activities of the organizers of Beijing Yue Xiaolin culture communication limited liability company wanted the game to "work talk", insist on fairness, justice and openness, provide a chance for young stylist, mining the bright younger generation. Huqiu City Wedding activities as a strategic partner, hoping to provide a broader development platform, more of the industry for makeup industry. (CFS classic expert review group by internationally renowned experts and other large coffee industry, art photography authority appraisal expert, famous fashion designer, consisting of a total of thirty people. After thirty experts jury intense selection, selected a total of 22 finalists. They work both the overall coordination of makeup techniques and innovative works of beauty, let a person shine at the moment, with high ornamental, let a person feel Chinese makeup industry "in the folk master talented men still remained in concealment". The winners in addition to get a different amount of travel funds, there will be a variety of fashion brands offer of cooperation, to provide a broad development platform for young athletes. (CFS tournament finalists) is the opening ceremony of CFS images exhibition will be held in September 19th in Beijing Jinghu 798 Art Space awards at the same time, when all the winners will take professional grade video works on display, it will be the world’s first professional makeup for elements of the photo exhibition, hoping to makeup the photographer and the model, diligently efforts and beautiful moments in front of us. (September 19th CFS elite awards will set up the forum link, some problems on makeup styling industry in-depth study (CFS) images exhibition, in 9.19, will exhibit the elite competition winners) activity also affected by the Beida Jade Bird culture and Arts Planning Institute, global network, China Central Academy of Fine Arts city design college, Alvin vision, heart wing interconnection, Jinghu art space, to support the impression, Paul Mitchell, American Association of certified ACI international makeup certification examination center, a small music media agency. List of finalists for the CFS elite (ranked in the first place) Fan Chuanyu FAN Chuanyu Hu Jingting HU JIANG Yang LI Da LI Jing) in, Jingping相关的主题文章: