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For the detection of Jiangxi overseas Chinese large telecommunications fraud Gang arrested 110 people – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Wang Jian) Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the police announced that 20 detected large telecommunications fraud dens, established together domestic implementation of telecommunications network fraud, according to the overseas Chinese, gang members arrested 110 people crime seized 74 units with 301 computer, mobile phone, mobile phone card 216, 412 bank cards. 20, Ganzhou city police investigation held "8.12" large telecommunications fraud news briefing, disclose the relevant circumstances of the case. The Australian students cheated 240 thousand yuan, according to the Ganzhou municipal police Interpol captains Xie Jiang introduced in August 5th this year, police received the Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd.., said the study in the city of Melbourne Australia Jiangsu Wang in May this year, WeChat chat, be a man and a woman to rescue the girl slipped on the grounds, defrauding 240 thousand yuan, of which part of the capital account holders may be active in the city. After receiving the report, the local police immediately launched an investigation, preliminary lock related suspects, and investigation in August 12th. The implementation of three gang responsible, commission mode according to the introduction, in August 2015, the suspect liaomou (born 1990) in Jiangxi city of Fuzhou Province, rented houses, not the business sector registered to run Technology Co. Ltd, in gaming, agency business under the guise of Guizhou, Guangxi and mustered personnel to set up telecommunications fraud dens in Ganzhou city and Fuzhou City, Guangchang county. The gang was led by a Liao, the boss, the team leader, keyboard hand three levels are responsible for the grading of the operating mode. Fraud targeting Australian Chinese gangs through the installation of WeChat positioning software, WeChat will set the login address for a time and China only 3 hours, the Chinese are relatively concentrated, to the domestic report possibility of small Australian Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane three big city, change the WeChat avatar damsel network download. Once there is a nearby person to add it as a friend, immediately accepted and in Australia to study the identity of Chinese female students chat. In both the WeChat chat cooked "keyboard" with their due to financial difficulties forced to borrow usury after part-time "escort" on the grounds, lured the victim to the bait, meeting time and place. To be a victim, the other members of the gang then contact the victim said he is "customers" or their managers, for fear of trading without paying or afraid of each other caused by the police and asked the victim to buy a $200-500 Alipay prepaid card or to the local supermarket to buy as piaozi prepaid recharge cards. When the victim will be sent to the card number, password, "keyboard" quickly to the Guangxi Hezhou, Liaoning Shenyang, Taobao store, Taobao stores by taking cash by Alipay returned to the fraud gang. "Customers" and "keyboard" will continue in accordance with the "script" fraud plot for various reasons, even the threat of means for the victims continue to buy a prepaid card, prepaid card, the victim found deceived, immediately pulled into the blacklist cut off contact. Gang 110 people相关的主题文章: