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Jiangxi: face recognition technology to "cure" minors into the cafe – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Nanchang September 18th news (reporter Yuan Huijing) "Internet cafes" admission of minors repeated problems, Jiangxi this year is expected to solve. Reporter recently learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture, Jiangxi launched the Internet service establishments supervision system technology upgrade work, the use of face recognition technology, will be able to avoid "Internet cafes" operators and law enforcement personnel "hide and seek". According to reports, with the installation of Internet real name registration and face recognition technology defense "minor Internet cafes of the computer supervision system", once a minor login will automatically alarm to the regulatory authorities and fixed evidence, law enforcement officers can be investigated according to law, so as to realize the "safety instead of air defense". Jiangxi province Internet cafe industry association official, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of culture commissioned the provincial Internet bar industry association, the completion of the province’s Internet service site supervision system of technical upgrading work. This regulatory system is the use of domestic advanced network technology, the Internet service business sites and online games market for the effective management of large-scale cultural market supervision infrastructure projects. Jiangxi Province Cultural Department urged all localities to actively cooperate with the "Internet cafes" industry association to complete tasks, to ensure the stability of "Internet cafes" supervision system software and long-term, otherwise it will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the investigation.相关的主题文章: