Jing Haipeng returned to the earth today, such as urine and urine samples back to the analysis of th restorator

Jing Haipeng Chen Dong today to return to earth urine saliva samples back to analysis – Beijing yesterday at 12:41, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft with Tiangong two space laboratory successfully separated, astronaut Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong is about to embark on the return trip. As of now, they have been living and working 30 days in the Tiangong two space laboratory, creating a new record China astronaut dwell time. The separation of combination with the ground before the astronauts in the scientific and technical personnel, withdrawing the Tiangong two cabin on the testing device and the important items, placed in the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft. According to the plan, Shenzhou eleven will be landing in Inner Mongolia, Siziwangqi, the main landing site today. From the "Palace" for a little reluctant to leave and give up is also happy to leave the temple before the two astronauts also expressed dismay home space. Jing Haipeng said, these 30 days, they also hope that through the window? Look at the scenery scenery around the world, especially when the spacecraft flew over the motherland, very excited. Chen Dong said, before leaving the mood a little nostalgia and dismay, but also happy and excited. Reluctant to leave and give up is mainly because the soon to leave the Temple No. two. Living here for 30 days, it’s like a home in space. Happy and excited because it is necessary to return to earth, back to the motherland. Chen Dong said: "will do the work of the back, safe and successful completion of this mission, to return to our motherland, our home." Urine samples and other samples back to saliva before the return, the two astronauts have to do what specific preparations? Jing Haipeng said, a few days before leaving, the work is still in progress, while doing the preparatory work for the return of a recovery from the experimental data in orbit, two is the cabin environment arrangement, three is set to leave the temple before. Jing Haipeng said that a small part of the experimental data has been transferred to the ground, other parts of the data is too large, can only be stored on the card, the astronauts back to the ground. In addition, the lettuce cultivated in space, the silkworm cocoon is to bring back. There are collected in the space of the urine and saliva samples and atmospheric microbial samples collected before take-off, will come back to the analysis of ground. Space package while floating on the side of the Chen Dong introduced the cabin environment, which is essential to move things, like packing luggage. From the beginning to enter the Temple No. two, put a lot of things inside, including daily necessities, experiment with things, there are big and small. Including the exercise of the bike, but also in orbit. That is, in the layout of a home in space, and now is equivalent to moving back to earth, before returning to bring the past things back to the position should be put. Something to tie it in the temple, to work is time-consuming. According to the astronaut center deputy director general designer Zhang Jianli introduced, there are some things that are installed in the launching state, in orbit to open use, unlock process is relatively complex, and put together more complicated process. In fact, some of the experimental project was finished early, the packaging work has started early. Chen Dong said that in the space packaging very strenuous, and the rope Dou Na相关的主题文章: