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Leave a small card two suspects in extortion owners earn only 400 yuan was captured in August 1st, Ms. Wu to the newspaper, she found a note in the car, it said if not by WeChat to 50 yuan red, will be rolling tires, smashing windows, also left a note micro signal. After the Beijing Morning Post reported that the police attach great importance to. Through the work, the police were arrested two suspects in Beijing, Hebei. The investigation of two people busy half earn 400 yuan. Yesterday, the suspect Zhang, Zhou has been Fengtai police detention law. The car is blackmail card the morning of August 1st, the public Ms. Wu parked the car on the road near the temporary auxiliary gymnasium, half an hour later, she found the car windshield stuck in a white paper. "I thought it was a post, who knows to take a look, but it is a threat card." The card reads a micro signal, the following is a composition: "two days without you (WeChat) to hit the car glass, with your tires, spend 50 yuan red envelopes for peace, tell me the number." Beijing morning news reporter added a note on the micro signal, the other is a sound thirty or forty year old man, the other said, "don’t turn red, just waiting for your car smashed". A nearby parking administrator also said, see a lot of cars have been inserted such a small note. "The light is I know there are four or five, the card is inserted in the car parked on the road, these people are specifically looking for the car, Mercedes BMW what, perhaps is easier to succeed." The police Dunshou matter by the Beijing morning news August 2nd January arrest reports, police attention, has arrested the suspect. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter saw the police officer in charge of the case of pre-trial police officers, to understand the progress of the case. According to Li Jingguan, to see the newspaper reports, they immediately started working on the case, a plurality of small cards once found that extortion place for a visit, but due to extortion man elusive, crime time changes, investigation to bring certain difficulty. "We have no way, can only be arranged one by one police dundian." Lee said the police officer, in addition, a lot of people are not extortion alarm, which also allows the police to grasp the suspect information rarely. "Through a month of investigation and squat, we finally found a suspect traces in the village near the man aged, unemployed, every day is holding a small card for roadside car placed after the squat for two days, we will arrest him." The two half cheated 400 yuan Lee police said that the arrested man surnamed Zhang, Hebei people together, extortion and his associates surnamed Zhou, Zhou has returned to his home at that time. "We immediately arranged for the team, went to Hebei to arrest Zhou, soon in his hometown will be arrested." Lee police said, two suspects looks honest, don’t look like extortion of people. "It is their foreheads, which they do such extortion of" red packets "activities, however, in half a month only cheated 400 yuan." At present, the suspect Zhang, Zhou suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on by Fengtai police criminal detention. Beijing morning news reporter相关的主题文章: